No Motion Notifications

I’m away from home and all off a sudden my 6 Wyze Cameras aren’t sending me motion sensor notifications. They all worked fine when I was home last night. I’ve tried turning off Detects Motion and Send Push Notification, closing the app and then turning those back on, but nothing is helping. Any suggestions?

Same for me

I have an issue where a line is drawn thru the notification symbol on the home page of the wyze app.
This happens by itself. I’ve read a post on Wyze where it is a glitch with the app that was supposed to be corrected.
Obviously not, i have opened up a support ticket for this, but no one has gotten back to me yet

Me too. And previous motion events that were there yesterday aren’t showing today.


Pixel XL, Android Q, Wyze Beta 2.3.80.

I am not seeing notifications on the phone, but they come through like a champ to my LG smartwatch. This is new, I’m guesstimating a week or two at most.

Thanks, Travis

So no fix for this I guess?! No motion notifications coming thru. Even though I have sound toggled off, that’s all that I’m receiving.

I’ve figured out my issue. Turns out the rule for my Home shortcut had turn off motion sensing in there for each camera. Now everything works as I wanted it to.

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