Cannot get a simple motion notification

It’s been a while since we got and initiated our Wyze cams but am now firing them up and for the life of me I cannot get a motion alert at all. This cam is about EIGHT FEE T from our WiFi hub and I easily get the live view and etc. Notifications have been turned on on my phone and in the Wyze app too. How hard IS this? Thanks in advance…

Since yesterday morning, I have noticed that .y motion sensors and door sensors are not registering anything. I see the light on motion sensors, but app does not show history since yesterday and I get no notifications. I’ve upgraded all firmware and have unplugged and re-plugged in the wyze sensor bridge. Still nothing

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Notifications have to be on in the app and in each camera that you want to get notifications from.

They are! Thanks though…

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None of my sensors are working since yesterday either. Maybe an update broke them.

I am also facing the same issue. I can see the live feed but somehow none of the motion/sound notifications work. I had bought these few months back but tried setting this up this week only.

I rolled the firmware back to on just the camera with the bridge and all sensors seem to be working again! Must be a bug in the newer camera firmware.