No notifications (wyze sense/bridge)

I am no longer recieving notifications of motion from my motion sensors nor am I receiving notifications of open/close from my door sensors.

I am running beta wyze app (v2.10.71 android). Notifications are to on in app and on the phone. Battery optimizations are turned off on phone.

I’ve turned on/off the camera that the bridge is connected to and restarted the camera. I’ve also pulled the bridge for 10 second and put back in. After that I maybe 5 mins of notifications and they stop again.

What do I do next? Is there a way to hard reset/factory reset the bridge?

this is affecting my rules with my bulbs, so they no longer turn on automatically.

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Just another thing. All cameras have been updated to the latest firmware!

Exact same here. I’m also on beta, v2.10.70, for iOS.

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I’ve reset the device and still nothing…is this product defective already? Can someone weigh in on this?

I’ve done everything possible on my end. Wyze is obviously having an issue. CMC isn’t working, either. I wish they would issue some sort of statement about the issues they are having. I submitted a ticket, but, that can take days to get a response. I haven’t tried calling. Don’t feel like being on hold.

I noticed a few of my sensors were showing offline. I know they connect to the bridge, but, I thought, “what the h?” I restarted my router. Now, everything is working.
I have the same router that I’ve had for years. It’s an Apple router. FWIW. I didn’t change anything on it. Not the channel…nothing. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Fingers crossed.

I’ll try to update firmware on my router and restart

And my sensors are not showing offline, they are just not responding…I noticed my bridge was super hot!

Just unplug, and plug back in.

I unplugged router, updated firmware…still nothing

I’ve reverted the camera was the bridge back to the previous firmware. I will monitor, this far it’s working