Wyze sense bridge no status light

Just had it for a little more than a year. Came with the Smart Home starter kit. Suddenly, the sense bridge seems stopped working. My motion sensor shows offline. I checked the sense bridge, which is connect to one of my V2 cam, I see no status light. I tried pressing the button on the back of the bridge.
Also tried power cycle of the cam. None worked. Checked from the app, the accessory part of the camera says I haven’t added that kind of device yet. There is nothing more that I can check from the app. Anybody has the same issue? Is it dead (because I see no light).

One last thing you can try…remove the bridge from the camera, power cycle the camera, reinstall the bridge. Unless you have a second camera to try…

Thanks. Did try your step on a 2nd camera, same issue. It’s very frustrating that I have no reach to Wyze help desk on this kind of issue.

You have multiple ways but none guaranteed to work: phone, chat or email. If you don’t mind sitting on hold, I understand phone is the most reliable.

Thanks. Maybe I didn’t do it right. I was trying to create support ticket. Then the system asked me to write something to search knowledge base. Then I reached a dead end. Will try one more time.

i have the same issue, and i can not pair anymore the sensor motion and the wyze contacts, i try several ways to fix it, but i still with the same issue… can you solve it?

If the little bridge is dead, I’m guessing they don’t have any more as V1 stuff has been replaced with V2. :frowning: Most of my old motion and door sensors have died, and the few I have left are now synced with my V2 hub.

That said, I have a V1 bridge that I’ve retired from use as a result. If you think it would help, I would be happy to give/send it to you. PM me if that’s something you’re interested in.