So Is Wyze Sense Just Useless?

I recently purchased a Wyze Sense starter kit and none of the sensors were connecting to the bridge, even after trying it on 2 different cameras and going through all the troubleshooting, The bridge shows up just fine in the app and has a solid blue light ( blinking blue when I am trying to connect sensors.) The sensors all blink red 3 times when I poke them with the pin, so I am assuming they’re functional, but they just don’t connect. So I opened a support ticket and was sent replacement sensors that just arrived today. They do not work either. I have the bridge installed in a V2 cam, when I try to connect the sensors it will say “Wyze bridge is ready to be connected”, it repeats this about 3 times for a couple of minutes and then the connection times out. I’m quite displeased to have spent money on something that is entirely useless. I don’t understand how they can, in clear conscience still sell this product to people. I wish I hadn’t trusted the company and had come to the forums first because I would have never spent money on any of their Sense products after seeing how they fail to work for a great many customers. I have opened another support ticket explaining the issue several hours ago and am still waiting for a response.

Does anyone have any suggestions? The bridge seems to be functioning but since I have 6 brand new sensors that won’t connect, perhaps it is the bridge? I’m really disappointed, I was hoping this would be a solution to help me keep tabs on my small child’s sleepwalking.


I am not sure what your problem is being caused by. If the sensors are 20’ or less from the “bridge” they have mostly worked in my case. Make sure there is not too much metal near the bridge.

I’ve had mixed results. The switches, I consider unreliable because of the cheap magnetic reed switches they use. If you buy a bag of small reed switches from China and test them you will find they vary widely in their sensitivity to magnetic fields. The PIR sensors have been reliable for me.
Do not, rely on Wyze products for the safety of your family



This is a systemic problem in Wyze Sense that has been going on for far too long. There are too many people with issues relating to these products, so I would look for another system to monitor your home.

I hope the Wyze team can work this out…


I have all the sensors a few inches from the camera when I try to connect, no excess metal in the area. I’m no novice when it comes to tech so it’s not like I am missing something here. I guess I will just assume that it’s a lost cause… This is very frustrating. I’m lack for funds since the pandemic and I can’t afford anything super-expensive. Any suggestions on better products I can purchase for this purpose?

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So I had similar problems with mine initially. The bridge would show up, but the door sensors would not register no matter what. a few power cycles of the v2, and removing and reinstalling the bridge finally got it kick started. but not sure what actually did it. May also want to try another v2 camera if you have one in your setup.

Amazon has this product for $25 with decent reviews:

Infrared Motion Sensor Alarm Entry Alert Vistor Doorbell Home Security Driveway Kit

Might be an option for you.

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Same issue for me. Just got a new V2 and sense kit (2 sensors, 1 motion, 1 bridge). V2 seems fine. Bridge connects (solid blue). But motion and contact sensors will not connect; always just times out. Tried it on one of my other v2’s with a different bridge and also won’t connect. Chat with customer service they think its bad sensors and are sending me a new kit. I’m not so sure. I have a box of extra sensors from previous kits and tried all those and none of them are connecting either. Quite frustrating.

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Sometimes I have found that when a Wyze Sense contact sensor or motion detector loses its connectivity with a connected camera, I would need to remove the non detected (stuck) sensor from the camera and then re-install the device. And yes, sometimes, it takes several tries before being able to get that sensor paired up again with the camera. Sometimes, it does not pair back with the camera (+bridge) that I had just un-installed it from… In that case, I would pair it to another camera with an attached bridge. And when all that fails, I reboot my internet router and any other signal booster or routers you may have…Then physically disconnect power to the cameras with bridges, wait for 10 seconds and then attach power to the cameras with bridges again. Also try leaving the camera on and disconnect the bridge, wait 10-15 sec. then re-attach. Yes, I agree, all very frustrating indeed…but need patience and try various combos to see what works… In the end, Is it ideal…nope…

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Remove and reinstall the bridge… Cured my connection issues

I have 6 contact sensors and one motion sensor in my setup. The two contact sensors that came with the bridge kit have worked fine since the beginning. I bought a four pack of contact sensors and all of them failed. 3 sucked down their first battery and were non-responsive after changing the batteries. the fourth one worked at first but ultimately wouldn’t reconnect. Wyze replaced all four sensors with earlier date code sensors (from 2019), and they all work now. Motion sensor has always worked. IMO, these issues appear to be poor HW and SW QA processes at Wyze, they need to up their game if they don’t want to lose their customer base. Don’t release products that haven’t been properly tested. My setup works fine now, but it took a lot more effort than many users would have put in.

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I have done this about 10 times on 2 different cams. No such luck here.

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Well customer service never got back to me the second time after I they sent me replacement sensors that still don’t work. I guess I’ll just consider myself ripped off. Sucks because I liked this company and was planning to buy a few more products from them, but now, I think I’ll take my money elsewhere. I’d rather not just send people money for literal garbage.

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:bomb::disappointed::monkey: Hard to say, as I’ve mentioned before, consistency is direly lacking

I regret spending money and time on these useless senors and two bridges. What a waste.


I’m really surprised that no one has sued WYZE for false advertising and selling products that don’t do anything they claim to do.

FWIW, everything Wyze that I have (two V2 cams (one on RSTP firmware), one V1 cam, one outdoor cam, one motion sensor, six contact sensors, and 1 sensor bridge, across two houses) is working correctly. It took a few returns to Wyze, but the stuff I have now works. Just keep returning it until they make it right. There are still some firmware bugs I wish they’d fix (e.g. the reboot after power failure flaw in the sensor bridge), but at the super-low price point of Wyze stuff I’m happy enough. To my knowledge, they’re the only provider of wireless contact sensors other than a security system provider like Ademco, so it’s hard to switch even if I wanted to.

Try here: https–

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Yeah, those are other options - at $20 to $50 per sensor. Like I said, it’s the “super-low price point” of Wyze sensors ($5 each) that makes it worth the effort to sort out the issues. For six sensors, I’m out $30. Six typical wi-fi sensors (with poor battery life and range compared to the CC1310 based Wyze sensor w/ultra-low current draw and LR RF) would run me between $120 and $300. And it’s likely they’d have problems, too.

IMO, there’s nothing wrong with the Wyze sensors that firmware fixes can’t resolve. The CC1310 chip is robust and has been adopted by a lot of IOT makers. There’s not much else in the sensor or bridge to go wrong. It’s unfortunate Wyze didn’t use a Hall-effect switch instead of a cheap reed switch, but their reliability is tolerable.


Contacted customer support when I was sent faulty sensors for a second time, received an automated response that they were busy and to leave my email and they would get back to me ASAP. Waited a little over a day and sent them another message, explaining everything, never got another response. Stopped persuing the issue because I really don’t feel like just being sent more useless junk over and over with an off chance one of these sets of sensors will work. So…feeling pretty burned by Wyze right now. I understand that you can’t find stuff like this, so cheap anywhere else, but given the many, many customers who seem to have issues, it seems Wyze should make sure their products are going to work and be consistant before they throw them out the and rip off hundreds of people…

They really ARE cheap, but Zigbee, Zwave and even WiFi sensors are not expensive. You can even build them yourself cheaply, and integrate them into HA.