Unable to connect sensors to bridge

Had the sense for a few weeks but didn’t get a chance to open and set it up until last night.

Interestingly, one of the door sensors and the motion sensor, when you reset using the pin, gives me five fast blinks. One of the door sensors does give me 3 slower blinks.

But still, I could not get any of these sensors to connect to the bridge.

The bridge is connected to a pan cam and does show solid blue LED light before trying to connect the sensors.

Anyone have similar experience?

Yes same thing with one of my sensor I believe the sensor is defective. I tried reaching out to wyze about it 4 days ago and I still haven’t heard anything back from them.

@Ciangi well apparently it’s just the two of us experiencing this issue.

Were you able to connect any of the sensors? The one that does not blink five times?

I couldn’t connect any of them, tried on a pan and a non-pan.

Yes I got all 5 sensor and the one motion sensor to connect but just having problems with that one sensor. I hope wyze gets back to me soon because it’s annoying. When your bridge is connected is the light blue on the back? And make your your WiFi on your phone is connected to 2.4 GHz and not 5GHz or you will run into problems.

Well, weird but good news.

Out of disappointment, I just held onto the button on the back of the bridge until it started blinking (I forget what color). Then I pushed the button again for good measure. It became a solid light but it wasn’t solid blue as it was before so I took it out and placed it back in. Solid blue again.

Yet when I tried to connect, two contact sensors and one motion sensors were able to connect even though one contact sensor and one motion sensor still blinked five times.


I have the same issue with my door sensors and motion sensors. I’ve contacted support and have not heard anything. 2 contact sensors and 1 motion sensor will not connect to the bridge. Have you figured anything out? Support isn’t responsive.

Wyze support currently has a two week backlog. However, they are working hard to alleviate that problem. :slight_smile:

Same problem, bridge shows solid blue and says ready to connect sensors, then starts flashing blue and yellow but will not pair with either 2 contact sensors that blink 3 times or the motion sensor that is blinking 5 times.

Wyze support just dismissed my problem and said I’m doing it wrong because of the way I worded the support issue. I guess now I have to wait another 2 weeks for a response. I unknowingly said the sense would not connect to the camera. For anyone posting a support question. Don’t accidentally say it’s connecting to the camera, they connect to the bridge. Hopefully one day I can get working items. Anyone else had any luck?

Just to update. Support sent me new sensors and they immediately connected to the new bridge without any issues. Guess it was just a bad set of sensors.

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Im on the same boat as you were. Sensors and motion sensors wont pair to the bridge. I´ve done it a hundred times and nothing seems to work. The sensors blink 3 three times and still wont pair.

My bridge just flashes blue and says is ready to connect. The Sensors blink 3 times and nothing happens.

I’d voltage check the battery if you guys haven’t already?
Take them out and replace them with new one of quality like Duracell.
Sometimes they just need to be removed and place back in…shipping could have move the battery off it contact(s)?

I checked and batteries seem fine. Wyze already sent replacement units. Waiting on delivery.

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This seems to be a common problem but mine happened outside the warranty by a few months. Now I am stuck. Wyze won’t send me a replacement and there is no way to buy a replacement. It’s horrible to trust Wyze if their products are not supported beyond the initial launch phase.