Unable to connect

I had both sensors and the motion sensor connected to the bridge and everything was working fine. In looking through the app, there was an update to the bridge that went through the install but then said update failed. According to the device indoor info, the firmware is and is up to date. None of the sensors seem to be working now. Any help would be appreciated.

Having the same problem here after doing the latest bridge update. Also knocking out my internet connection intermittently and notifications are taking 15-30 minutes to appear after I reboot everything.

I just checked. There’s no firmware to roll back to for the bridge. I’m pretty disappointed right now. Everything seemed to be working spot on now i’ve wasted the past 2 hours trying to see if it was something I was doing wrong.

It seems like the latest firmware update for the bridge has broken everything. This is a real disappointment because I had everything working as I wanted and now this. I will probably pull my bridge and attempt to return the the sense kit. I also noticed more reports are coming in.

make sure you guys send logs in. the Devs don’t regularly check the forums, and the logs let them know exactly what’s going on with issues and give all the info needed( which FW and things)

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Try some troubleshooting

Are you all running beta app/Firmware ?