Wyze Sense Will Not Connect

Let me start by saying, I’ve tried everything. I’ve taken the battery out, I’ve tried on both the V2 and the Pan, I’ve tried re-downloading the app, I’ve tried resetting the cameras themselves, I’ve reset my network, I’ve even rolled back the firmware from the most recent one, but no matter what I do, that while the bridge is lighting up, and the sense itself is blinking 3 times when I use the pin to reset it, the app or the bridge never finds it! Im on the most recent firmware(Although I did roll back for an attempt) and I’m running the most recent Android version of app. Any help or recommendations is greatly appreciated.

You may have already done this, but verify that when you try to “Add a Device” with the App, your phone is connected to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network and the mobile data network is OFF. Once a device is successfully added through the 2.4 GHz network, you can use a 5 GHz WiFi network or mobile data network for the other App functions.