Sensor Bridge Problems

I am at the end of my rope and need some assistance. Support is slow to reply and coupled with the problems that I’m having along with $$$'s of investment into these products, I am at my wit’s end. Before taking everything back to Home Depot for a refund, I figured I would ask about my problem here. I have confirmed that HD will take the products back despite not having the boxes any more.

I have 9 cameras. 4 pan cameras and 5 v2’s. The v2’s were the sense combo packs. I’ve been watching Wyze for a while and then the black Friday sale at HD came along, and I jumped. I’m not exactly displease entirely, just with some sensor bridges.

So with all of that said I have 5 sensor bridges. Out of those 5 only 1 will accept sensor connections. The other 4 I have plugged in to every single camera 1 by 1. I have power cycled each camera with the bridges plugged in. Waited on the bridges to have a solid blue light, and then I began the pairing process. Only one out of those 5 bridges would accept sensor connections. I went to Home Depot today and bought another combo pack. That sensor bridge also will not accept new connections from any sensor’s. At 1st I thought it was faulty sensors, but now i am believing it is something else. I have 10 sensors on 1 bridge currently i need more bridges because of the distance away from the working bridge. What am i doing wrong?

Don’t even get me started on the real time streaming protocol firmware. That is a whole other bucket of nope.

Please advise.

Sorry I don’t have sense yet so can’t be of help. I do know I’ve had a couple issues and customer service responded quickly for me. Good luck.

I have noticed on mine, that the signal strength between the bridge and the device connected to it is important. If the signal strength is not hot enough, the operation of the device becomes flaky or does not connect all the time. Just my 2 cents. Maybe it will help.

Joe, the sensors were inches from the bridge then I moved them 6 feet away. I troubleshoot all day due to trying on 10 different cameras.

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You may have already done this, but if not, try this. Turn off the mobile data connection on your phone, connect to a 2.4 GHz WiFi network (not 5GHz). Take one bridge and it’s sensors, and, delete each sensor, then delete the bridge and remove it from the camera. Power the camera Off, and then On. When the Camera reaches steady state (solid blue led), insert the bridge and wait for the bridge to reach steady state (solid blue led). Now add one sensor. See if this procedure works. All of this needs to be done on a 2.4GHz network only when setting up the devices. After they are set up and working well, you can then use a 5GHz or mobile data network.

The cameras with bridges that do not accept sensors are they using stock USB adapter and cable? I read someone having an issue before which may have been power related when they were using a different USB power adapter.

Good idea. I’ll report my findings.

I figured you had. I hope you find the issue.

Right on.

Well, I don’t know now. We are out shopping and every contact sensor is offline. I cannot trust this unreliable product.

You only need 1 sensor bridge for the entire network. I have I have 7 cameras, 2 motion sensors, 3 door sensors, and 1 bridge. The bridge is only used to connect the motion and door sensors. You only need one


Just realized my offline sensors probably isn’t a wyze issue. The power bar powering my camera and sensor bridge that is offline also has a non wyze smart plug controlling Christmas lights which is also offline. My other gadgets throughout the house are still connected as well.


I need more than 1 because I have sensors on the edge.

A clue that the router might have hiccupped. You’ve done all the right troubleshooting that I could suggest. Let us know. We can all learn from what you find out.

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Got home and garage breaker was tripped. Knocked out my my garage Cam and connected sensors :joy:.

What do you mean sensors on the edge? Are you on separate networks in your home?

The edge of the signal. The sensor signals are very weak when passing thru 3 or 4 walls. On the edge of the signal envelope. Hence, on the edge.

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FYI I’m running the Google Home Mesh router. It’s directly connected to the att wireless router. I got the 3 cylinder pack. I no longer have issues with 2.4 or 5ghz requirements. Also I no longer have issues with weak signals throughout my home. The Wyze cams are connected all the way from outside my garage to outside in the backyard to upstairs for the kids. One of the best 250 I’ve spent

Understood. I’m trying to find some time. I have 2 other WAPs to try as well.