Wyze bridge, sensor connection reliability problem

I have been having reliability problem with the sensors and bridge connection. Many sensors will randomly loss connection to the bridge, it seems to be worst for sensors physically further away and sensors mount on metal window frame. On average I have 3-4 sensors loss connection at any given time and from time to time up to half of the sensors loss connection.

My home is pretty average, just under 2000SF 2 storey wood frame house. The bridge is plugged into a pan camera located right at the center point of the house on upper floor. I have 4 cam v2, 2 pan cam, 9 motion and 7 contact sensors total. All sensors are within 20 liner feet from the bridge, obviously some sensors have walls in the way.

Would having more bridge help? Or would it be counterproductive for fighting connections. Wyze don’t sell the bridge by itself and I don’t need a bunch or extra sensors. Any help is appreciated.

Wyze says the bridge supports up to 100 sensor and most home should only require 1 bridge. That doesn’t seem to be the case.

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How long have you had this setup and has it ever running ok before? The latest cam firmware has some issues with the sensors, you can find some discussions here…

If it never been running reliability, consider the antenna extension hack, two of my farther contact sensors were having weak signals but the hack got them working.

@hellinvader, Can you trouble shoot and move the bridge to a v2 instead of the pan? Some have reported much more success just by moving the bridge off the pancam. The pan takes more power to operate than the V2. I have also taken a 5v2a power brick and used that on my v2 with my bridge instead of using the 5v1a brick that came with the V2s. Try one or both of these and see how that helps your situation.

Thanks for the nice write up, lots of info helps with the trouble shooting process.


Greetings: IF I can add to this: I have the Sense starter kit and most devices work very well (just installed yesterday). The battery in one of the sensors was dying (according to the Icon) so I replaced it, just was discouraged it failed ROB (Right Outa the Box). No biggie: Question: My bridge unit is plugged into a V2 and each sensor is on a gate on either side of my home. I can’t place my V2 in the geometric center of my house (Cam would be in the middle of the carpet) so Im wondering if I can simply plug the Bridge into a Iphone charger with a USB connector? This way I can place up high and not sacrifice a good camera (Plus my wife would kill me if I put a Cam inside the house!). Stats: currently the left gate sensor is 28’ away and the right gate is 25’ away. Both sensors tell me when a gate is opened, but the closer sensor will tell me when it closed. The farther unit “Stays open”. I move the bridge and cam to the opposite side of the room and visa vers occurs. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Nope sorry. The bridge receives power from the camera, but also piggy backs on it’s wifi signal and that’s how it communicates the sensor stays with the cloud.

It’d be a little more cash, but a second bridge on a second camera on the far side of the house?