Wyze Bridge Disconnects Non Stop

Good morning… So I think I may have posted this a while back, but its finally making me mad enough that I have to try to find a resolution.
So ever since I received my bridge + motion + open/close Ive had the issue where the bridge goes orange and the only way to reconnect it is to reset it entirely and re add the devices back to it (like 4 bulbs in my pantry). Its a huge huge pain in the butt.
I worked with wyze a while back and they asked me to try a new bridge (i ordered 3) but it happened again a week or so after.
Please keep in mind these are gen 1 bridges etc (i pre ordered 3 sets very early on).
Please keep in mind.

  1. The camera / bridge are only about 20 feet with clear LOS to the motion detector and bulbs its failing on.
  2. This is the 2nd bridge ive tried plugged in to that camera (wyze pan).
  3. There doesnt seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when it disconnects. Sometimes a few days, sometimes a few weeks.

Thank you

The sensors (contact ones) don’t react very well to ferrous metal. For example placing them on a steel doorframe. Wyze actually includes a fairly thick adhesive pad for this reason. If the contacts signal is being interfered with you can try various placement options. The larger part of the contact contains the antenna, for mine I relocated this onto the glass instead of the steel frame and they became much more reliable.

So in this case the motion sensor is sitting on top of a wooden cupboard in my pantry. With direct LOS to the Wyze Pan cam.

Having the same issues also with the Cam Pan with bridge connected.
My fix is restarting from the app …some times more then once.
If that fails I do a unplugging also sometimes more then once.
In each I need to wait to see if the light turns blue or ask Alexa if the gate is open.
If she replies it Closed or Open the bridge is online.
I have 3 bridges connected to 2 V2s and a Pan and they all do this, some much less frequently.
The Pan seems the worse of the bunch …

signed the newbie.

Then I doubt it’s suffering from that kind of interference. Next step would be replace the battery.

Do you have any connection issues with the camera the bridge is attached to? The bridge uses the cameras WiFi.

If the issue is just sensors connecting to the bridge I would open a support ticket with Wyze and let them work with you to determine if you have a bad bridge or some other issue at work.

The bridge thats in there now hasnt been used for more than a couple months… battery cant be bad already. I guess I may just have to open a case.

Good luck, I am sure Wyze support will get you sorted! They are nice folks and do a great job!

Also been noticing that if I Pan it has the tendency to disconnect.
Try turning off Panning and see.
I plan to move the bridge to a V2 …

signed…the newbie.

I have noticed that people that put bridges on Pan cameras seem to have more issues. Both my bridges are on V2 cams and are reasonably stable.


Might be something to that…support a while back had me switch the bridge to a different location/cam and i moved it to my office and its been stable blue for quite a while. Wish that wasnt the case, because the pan where i have it is a place a Pan needs to be :frowning:

Yes Sir, that what I’ve read …
Think that the Pan is not all that compatible with the newer Bridge.
Tried a high amp brick also it didn’t make a difference.

signed …the newbie.

Also …also …another tip.
To check in the app go to add device and select add senor.
If the cam with the bride is not listed to pick from …it’s offline.

signed …the newbie,

that is true… just tested it… only one i can see if the one attached to my wyze NON pan.

The bridge seem to remember the sensors after setting them up.
So one can just unplug the bridge and move it to another cam (and wait till it turns blue) and it should auto connect to the sensors with no problem.

signed …the newbie.

problem with this one is that the bulbs/sensors are quite a ways away from the closest non pan cam. hate to just throw a cam in the closet just to use a bridge haha

Yup … I see what ur saying.
With me I have another V2 close by …
You could then try getting in touch with Wyze support on this …not sure if they can help but worth a try they helped me with other issues. Maybe they can send u a free v2 … lol

signed …the newbie.

I might be late, but ive also noticed that if the camera is daisy chained to another camera for power, or in a hot space the bridge also stops responding.

Yeah i am lucky to be in a position where I dont have any daisy chaining happening… but thats a good thought for those that do.

I have to agree about Pan Cams having in general more issues with connectivity. One thing to check is if your pan is set up for (warranty trashing) outdoor use and has a cover over it, I have noticed that they can reduce the cams connectivity sensitivity (I think!). I have pans in both situations-none with Bridge-and I’ve had more issues with outside than inside, all things being as equal as I could make them.
I have two V2s outside at different houses with bridges and have had more problems with sensor drop than inside V2s, covers being suspect.
You mentioned batteries- I’ve also had troubles with off brand batteries which seemed to clear up when replacing with an Energizer or Duracell. Jury is out on that one still, but I wonder if there is a significant voltage drop that the battery monitoring in the devices doesn’t pick up.

So i plugged it in to a reg cam about 30 ft away in the garage… took about 10 seconds, but it went blue… now lets see how long it stays blue :slight_smile: If that was the only issue, thats amazing… Terribly awful that simply using a PAN cam causes it , again if thats the case.

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