Bridge offline?

Anyone else lost contact and motion sensors working? Been over an hr or so and neither do my door sensors or motion sensor work now. Bridge is still lit with solid blue light and when moton or door opens? They blink red twice. But nothing activates in notifications or rules that have set. Working fine til tonight with nothing changed on my end

Have you tried restarting the camera with the bridge?

I am having the same issue. Just noticed my two door sensors and motion sensor are all offline.

I restarted the camera that the bridge is connected to and my sensors are working again. I’m getting very disappointed in the reliability of these things. Definitely not a real security solution if they randomly go offline for no good reason

You get what you pay for : )

Apparently so…

The cam the sensors are attached to - was it working fine?

Bridge connected to a V2 or a Cam Pan ?
If it’s connected to a Cam Pan connection issues most likely will occur…especially when the cam pans.

If it’s a V2 set a schedule to make it reboot once or twice a day helped many.

OK yea mine is attached to a Pan Cam as I turned my V2 into a webcam. But has been attached to it for weeks with no issue. I finally said heck with it and restarted the bridge and camera ab out 5 times and it finally came back online.

I hope not a bridge issue as have had it a yr or more and can’t afford a new kit. But weird it worked fine til last night and took so much to reconnect it

Thanks for the replies

For me and also others the Wyze sense system is not fully compatible with the cam pans… whenever I do a pan … issues!
Do a search here…

The Pan Cam is not recommended for use as a bridge cam. If you are trying to use it be sure you are using the power supply and cable that came with it (or comparable). The Pan has a higher power requirement than the V2, plus the bridge adds to that draw. A minimum 2 amp adapter is required. It also, in my experience (I have 4) has more connectivity issues than the V2.