Contact Sensors Keep Loosing Connection

I have two contact sensors and one motion sensor attached to a Sense Bridge in a V2 camera. The contact sensors keep ending up offline in the app. The motion sensor remains online and it’s status stays up to date.

The motion sensor is about 5 feet farther from the bridge than the contact sensors. I have tried the bridge in 3 different cams 1 of which was only 3 foot from the sensors.

The contact sensors go offline multiple times a day. Restarting the camera the bridge is connected to restores their connection for several hours.

The motion sensor never goes offline.

The batteries show fully charged in the app and a multimeter confirms they are fully charged.

Any ideas? Could the bridge be defective?

Is the bridge in a V2 or a pan?

I am going to assume the batteries are seated well since you had them out to test with a multimeter. Does the bridge itself ever go offline?

It’s been in three different V2’s. Batteries are nicely seated. If I move the contact sensors to my other bridge they stay connected.

The hub where they stay connected is 15 feet and two rooms away from the sensors.

Well you have done the normal troubleshooting I would direct anyone to do, which I figured you had since you are a fellow Maven. If they stay connected to the other bridge I would have to say bad bridge or bridge firmware and I do not know of any way of reinstalling or changing firmware in the bridge without any firmware updates pending like you can in the cam with an SD card.

Sounds like it is support ticket time.

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Yeah that’s what I was thinking too. Rats.

Ticket open. # 394075. Fingers crossed.

Wyze support is sending me 2 new contact sensors on the reasonable premise it’s the sensors not the bridge since the motion detector seems unaffected.