Contact Sensor(s) showed as offline

I was away for a couple of weeks and 2 of my contact sensors and 1 motion sensor showed as “offline” in the app. I asked my son to go to my home and reboot the camera with the bridge. Rebooting the camera did not work but REMOVING the bridge and plugging it back into the camera worked!!! Not sure why this happened but wanted to offer my quick fix that did work.


Thanks for sharing that. I’m going to speculate you meant the Wyze Sense Bridge, and not the sensor?

OOPS! My bad! Yes, REMOVING the BRIDGE was what I ment to say. I just edited the original posst. Thanks!!


There seem to be a few threads regarding this issue so any suggestions as to where i should be looking for more complete coverage would be appreciated.

Removing the “Bridge” from the camera and replacing it did not work. Suggestions?

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