Wyze sense keeps going offline

Ever since I added the sense, it will work for several hours, then all sensors will go offline. It isn’t a signal issue because I checked when they were online and all had almost full signal.

Any ideas?


Does it happen at midnight? That has been reported several times. Regardless you file a support request.

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My motion detector and contact sensor drop after a couple hours when I have restarted the cam & bridge. It has nothing to do with the midnight hour, as others have experienced. I have deleted and re-added. The Sense is right near the camera too. I’d love it IF I could get it to work.


I too am having issues with the wyze sense. My sense is only 15 feet from the bridge and it works for a few hours and goes offline. I have restarted the camera, which tends to temporarily resolve the issue, and I have also tried to re-installed the bridge several times. Still seeing the sense go offline every day. I also tried the other sense door contacts, same result.


Are you using the original power cord?

I am having the same issues with two of my contact sensors going offline. Not sure what the issue is, but it is annoying. I am using the original power cord. One sensor is less than 3ft from the camera and the other is less than 10ft. My other set of sensor products connected to another camera have been working fine with no issues.

I hope Wyze can help to figure out what the issue is.


My first Sense bridge died within 24 hours of install. I have a second one to use while the replacement is shipped. This second bridge seems to go offline every night. Can’t tell exactly when, but some time between 10 PM and 6 AM … I restart the camera through the app and everything works fine. I’m guessing this is a firmware issue, since the sensors themselves work fine.

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My sense starter kit seemed reliable for a few days before I added additional contact sensors.

I added additional sensors yesterday and it seemed to be working.
This morning, everything is offline.

Restarting cameras doesn’t appear to be bringing the sensors back online, either.

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Same boat here. I’m trying to put a contact sensor in my mailbox. Well, putting it there was easy. But it kept going offline. So, I took sensor #2 from the starter kit and tried installing it a foot from the camera. It now keeps going offline. Now, when I back out of the sensor screen, then go back in, it will accurately report the status, then go back offline.

Plus, when the mailbox sensor was first installed, it kept a running record of times of opens and closes. Sensor #2 leaves no such footprints.

Methinks the systems were rolled out without sufficient lab vetting. I do believe I’ll wait a week and see if any fixes are announced.


Same problem here. I am using all original cable to power camera up. I also noticed that the bridge device on the camera becomes quite (very !) hot.
Contact sensors go offline after a few hours. I need to reboot the camera with the bridge, then contact sensors go online again, but for a few hours only.
That is sooooo frustrating !

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I had this problem with 1 sensor(motion).
May or may not apply to you… I narrowed it down to the signal. It showed full bars, however, I know that this is more of a guide as just because the device can see the hub well, does NOT mean it can communicate well. (same applies to wifi on your phone)

I did a bit of testing and determined that the signal was trying to pass through a “wrapped” steel I-Beam. I re-positioned the camera 1 foot lower, which allowed the signal to pass beneath said I-Beam and the motion sensor no longer goes offline and has been reporting correctly since.

Now other things that can affect a wireless signal… older microwave ovens (these have been known to affect the 2.4 wifi band when between a device and the signal source)… Not saying this is the issue, but perhaps something to consider.


The Sense uses 908Mhz.

@Loki corrected that statement. :wink:


Could someone put this in a category of Specifications under the

All specs are currently available through the shopping section in the app under “Details” for each product, and on the website at the bottom of each product’s page. I can bring your suggestion up with Wyze. :slight_smile:

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It appears that my problem was distance from the bridge.

I installed a second bridge yesterday, and only 1 sensor is offline this morning (out of 11 sensors).
That one sensor is the farthest from either bridge.

I wonder if Wyze would consider switching it to a percentage like the wifi single on the cameras? It is sometimes difficult for me to really determine when the bars are “filled in” or if they’re empty. One time I thought I had a full signal, but after switching to another device, I’m pretty sure I had a very weak signal (all empty bars) instead.

I too am having problems with my contact sensor going offline. I swapped out the USB adapter and cable with no affect. The bridge is plugged into a pan cam, dunno if that matters or not. Also, a camera reboot always brings it back online and it seems removing and reinserting the battery on the sensor can also bring it back online as well as simply removing and adding the will too. I hope this is just a software problem and will be remedied soon. Also, the sensor is within 6’ of the bridge and it has full signal according to the app.


I’m having the same issues. I’ve restarted, deleted them a few times. They are not that far away. Not sure what to do anymore. How can I return these things back. Definitely buggy.

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Now I have sensors in one area that don’t say they are offline, but they are acting like it.

No contact sensor or motion sensor tied to that particular camera (wyze cam pan)/bridge is reporting motion or open doors.
I have tried rebooting the camera. I’ll see about unplugging the bridge.

Update: unplugging the bridge seems to have gotten things working again.
Update 24 hours later: no reports of motion or open doors for at least 12 hours.

My system appears to be broken.
Maybe its just the fault of the bridge, I don’t know.