Wyze Contact Sensor Constantly Offline

Hello everyone,

Apologies if this has been asked before. I have 3 Contact Sensors setup in my home. 1 of the 3 sensors is constantly going offline (No issue with the other 2 ever). I then have to reboot the Cam that the bridge is in to bring it back online. 20-30 minutes late it is offline again. I have rebooted. I have unplugged the camera. I have removed the bridge and re-installed. I have deleted the Cam and re-installed. I have done all of this with the bridge in and with the bridge out. Suggestions? Any help would be appreciated. Be safe and TIA.

Following, as I have the same problem. My motion sensor is rock solid. It detects motion every time and has never gone offline. The door sensors, not so much. One of mine seems to be dead. Changed the batteries and still wont come back online. The second one is acting like yours is.

The sensor might be on the edge of the signal range. I have found the sensors to be more reliable when there are at least 2 bars of signal. I also have the firmware for my bridge v2 set at which has been the most stable for me

I am have the same issue with the contact sense. I am have numerous contacts going in and out of offline. If it was a distance issue why is one that is 6 feet away doing the same. I believe this is a firmware issue not a signal issue.

Funny thing!! On wyze app it shows my sensors are offline and there is no log such as what time door was opened and closed. But guess what I am using Home assistant with wyze api from github and I am able to see sensor actions on home assistant. By the way I am using custom RTSP firmware. Maybe something is wrong in wyze app?

If you have plugged your Wyze Sense Bridge into your raspberry Pi which is running HA, then there is no way the Bridge is communicating with Wyze’s servers. AND, if you are running RTSP on your camera, that camera is also not communicating with Wyze’s servers.

I have multiple bridges so can’t plug all at one place. All are connected to wyze cameras.so that why I use rtsp for watching cameras and wyze api for HA. I am running HA on proxmox.

All mine are showing offline on the app, I just replaced some of them recently so I can’t believe that are all dead…definitely think there is a system issue