Contact Sensor Connection Issues

Has anyone else been having trouble with your Wyze sense items going offline a lot recently? My motion sensors seem to be doing fine, but I have three contact sensors between two different houses that have all recently started going offline and staying offline. A reboot of the camera with the bridge will bring them back online but never for long.

I spoke with support but nothing has seemed to help, they just keep going offline and staying that way. If it were just mine at my house I’d think I had an issue with my device, but two others I keep an eye on at my grandparents house to help them out are also having the exact same problem and it started at the same time.

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An easy thing is to setup nightly or ever two days, timeframe of your choosing, camera resets with scheduled rules. I have my camera with the bridge (all cameras actually) restart every night. If your motion sensor is fine, I bet the issue is between the bridge and the contact sensors, rather than between the bridge and the camera. How much is between the contacts and their bridge?

I have had sensors for almost a year just within the last few week, they are going off line. Restart the camera with the bridge they will work for a while then back off line. Nothing has changed on my end. Seems to be a problem that started maybe after one of the last firmware updates.

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Hi jssmith. I had the same problem recently. Although the app reports that the battery is normal, I took the sensors down and tested the battery voltage with a multimeter, and they were almost dead, about 0.4 volts when they should be 3 Volts. I replaced the batteries and I was back in business. In my experience, the battery level reported by the app cannot be trusted. Hope this helps.


Thanks for the information. I ordered new batteries yesterday. As soon as they get here I will install them and see what happens

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There is nothing between contacts and their bridge at all. Both in the same small room, both have a clear line of sight to the bridge.

Nightly reset wouldn’t help much because they go offline within a few minutes, a few hours tops, of a reboot.

Battery suggestion I see below may be the problem… I may be trusting the “battery normal” feedback from the app too much.

I guess I’ll need to swap the batteries, then! Here’s hoping. I actually have a multimeter on me as well, I’ll follow back up with what mine is reading.

That said, how come rebooting the camera/bridge brings them back online for a short while? Wouldn’t a power issue just keep it offline regardless of the bridge rebooting?

Unfortunately I don’t think the battery is my problem. Multimeter reports a full 3 volts from the battery on the device in question.

Hope it works. All I can state as indisputable fact is that the app was showing battery level as normal, when they were actually dead. I would be curious to know whether anyone has ever seen or can post a picture of their app reporting a battery level as low. I have voiced my concern regarding the accuracy of the app to Wyze but have not heard back yet.