Contact sensors appear offline

Contact sensor stopped registering events since September 26, now it appears offline. Tried unplugging the camera with the bridge, removing the bridge, plugging the camera back in, and putting the bridge back as recommended by Wyze support. That turned it back online, but still without registering events, and now it went back offline.

Wyze support stopped responding. It’s the second contact sensor that stops working for me. Starting to feel disappointed in this company. Not going to keep buying their products.

Does the sensor red led blink whenever you open or close the sensor?

Yes it does.

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I continue to have this issue over and over. One contact sensor won’t connect at all any more and now I have one contact and two motion sensors that are offline more than they are on line. I usually unplug the bridge then plug it back in and they will work again for a few days. Then repeat…

I have same issue with contact sensor going off line. Another annoying thing is that the sensor seems not to register open or closed, but just treats each movement as an event- so if it comes back online it changes from the garage door being closed to open. It seems its not the position of the sensor, but just each movement of the sensor. Sensor said open on a closed door. I removed sensor- and it registered that door was closed. I opened door and replaced sensor- which now indicated door was open. Closed door and now sensor says it is closed.
Totally useless device

same here. around the 25th or 26th my contact sensors stopped working. tried everything. nothing seem to be working to fix the problem. i tried to delete and add them back, but they just time out while the bridge tries to detect them. the motion sensor connect fine though. i deleted the camera and all the sensors. removed and reinstalled the bridge. nothing for the contact sensors. updated the firmware today and tried again. still a no go. oh well, just have to wait and see. not the first time these have gone on the fritz. it is getting irritating though.

I did everything you described too. It’s disappointing.

El El mar, 6 de oct. de 2020 a la(s) 03:58, jeremy.beugelsdyk via Wyze Community <> escribió:


Same thing with me. One of my contact sensors appeared off-line, so I replaced the battery and now it will not reconnect.

Went through all the trouble shooting, and all it does is time out. (Yes, the red light flashes).

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Hmmm wonder if it’s somehow related to current version of the beta app since I update the app pretty often & my motion sensor started going offline often.

I couldn’t say for sure it happened right after an app update, but I’ve had the motion sensor for about a year without issue and now it’s doing this going offline dance. As others report, rebooting the camera with the bridge makes the sensor come right back online… but only for a few hours before going back offline.

I have found that the app reports incorrectly that the battery is normal. After trying all kinds of things, I removed the battery and tested it with a volt meter, and found it was dead. Even though the app said it was normal…

This is most interesting!

Same here. All my contact sensors (like 8) are all dead on different date. I replaced the batteries and it did not work. I tried all the methods on the forums, but nothing new. So my conclusion is that Wyze Contact Sensors are unstable products and they should not sell these rubbish products.

Totally agree

El El mié, 14 de oct. de 2020 a la(s) 09:55, bravosk via Wyze Community <> escribió:

You may want to try a cold reboot of your wifi router.

Since these days so many devices rely on just the 2.4ghz band, there is a high probability that there is some sort of interference at play…

Whether its metal objects near the sensors or interference from other wifi channels. I’ve found that if you have an app that you can use on your phone that can see what signal the devices around you are using, then you can move your router channel to one that is less overcrowded…

After moving your Wifi signal to a less crowded band, then reboot your cameras with the bridges attached first, then the rest of the cameras. Be patient, you will need to wait a bit while everything comes back online…(hopefully.)… And one other thing, sometimes, I find that I have to generate motion in front of said specific motion detector )or open/close a door) in order to “kick-start” that sensor that wasn’t recognizing the activity…


Holy crap this worked. Thank you.


You’re very welcome! Glad to hear it helped! Wifi is becoming so overcrowded. We need new bands to utilize… (Well then of of course, we’ll need new routers that can utilize new bands…)