Odd Contact Behavior

So I have a contact sensor on my back sliding glass door. It is about 5 feet from the Bridge which is in a V2 camera. It has been working reliably for some time now, until this morning.

I opened the door and the light flashed red like it always does but the app reported the sensor as still closed from the previous day.

Force closing the app did not work nor did refreshing the app. Power cycling the camera the bridge is in also did not work. The sensor shows connected just not open when it was. I closed the door and reopened it and no change.

I deleted the sensor and re added it and it is again working correctly. Any thoughts?

I recently had a like item occur with my backyard door sensor and had to do the same thing you did. I know that Wyze wants to produce a reliable product as well they should. Sensors seem to head up the ‘problems’ category so I hope that it is also at the top of the ‘issues to be resolved’ stack at Wyze. An unreliable sensor is bad as people, once they install them, tend to depend on them for notifications of events like doors/windows etc opening or closing. I understand that some users have alleviated some of the problems by going to a sturdier and more powerful power supply. I’ve not tried that yet.
I still think Wyze is one heck of a bargain and believe that the ongoing issues will be solved.

@rbruceporter This is good info about the sensors by thequietman44. Have you seen this?

Screen Door Contact Sensor - #4 by thequietman44

I did read that thread but it does not appear to apply. In my case the door is entirely manual and it did not confuse states it remained stuck in one state after working for several months with no issues.

I see what you mean now. I guess I missed the target on that one. Lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth: