Contact sensor always reads closed will not activate

hope someone can help troubleshoot. I have a contact sensor that is connected to the app but the sensor always says closed even after I open the door slow or fast or leave it open for a minute. I have reinstalled the sensor 4 times and it positively connected. one note I do have the contact sensor upside down. tya

@jsison66 Check the signal strength for the sensor under Device Info. Perhaps the signal strength is too low or is impeded by either the distance to the Bridge or by dense walls or cabinets.

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Let us help you troubleshoot.

  1. Is your Wyze Contact Sensor paired and online?
    → If not, restart the pairing process.
  2. Is your Wyze Contact Sensor in range of the bridge?
    → Is there any obstructions? Like a metal door, or door frame. Remember, the bridge doesn’t have an unlimited range. The sensors send a signal to the bridge, from there the bridge sends it through WiFi via your Wyze Camera.
  3. If none of this helped, you should definetly contact Wyze Support at

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Good idea,

But the current signal strength may not be available if the device is heavily obstructed.

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Any updates? I now have 6 different sensors that all only read “closed” despite being open. I have attempted all of the troubleshooting recommendations - re-adding each sensor, each has full signal strength, and there are no obstructions. I’ve also sent a tech support email request to Wyze with no response yet. NOT ONE of my contact sensors works properly! NOT ONE! And, I can’t get a response from the company!

Did you find a solution for this? I am having the same problem.

Welcome to the community, @iair007. If you will post exactly what you are experiencing, this will asist everyone in troubleshooting your problem.

If you do not receive the help you need here on the forum, you can submit a request to the Wyze support team.


@jhumphrey8, I apologize for the late response on this. Somehow we missed your comment here. Did you get a response from Wyze support?

Everything is ok,

Don’t remember what I did but started working :grin:, so I deleted my comment


For what it’s worth, I ran into this problem tonight with one of my contact door sensors and my motion sensor when setting up my new sense hub – quickly realized what I did was get impatient while waiting for those devices to pair and I double-reset; it blinked, I didn’t see the app update, so I reset it again and it blinked just as Wyze app was pairing it the first time. One frustrating hour later and I deleted and s l o w l y reset both sensors and now all is golden.