Contact sensor shows 'open' but not 'closed'

Just put a contact sensor on the back door. It notifies me when the door ‘opens’ but fails to notify when ‘closed’.
Sensor is only about 8 feet from the bridge, no obstructions, wifi signal is great.
What’s the problem here?

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I think this might be the default behavior. Did you set the app to notify you when it closes? To do so, you would open the sensor in the app, click the gear icon at the top right, then click Notifications. You can toggle any of the four notification types – Opens, Closes, Is left open, and Is left closed. There will be a check mark to the right of the action if it’s enabled.

As for the main sensor screen, by design it only reports Opened, and uses the close time to report the length of time it was open for.

Better explanation here:

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And now the sensor came off. It’s only up there because the magnet inside clung to the door.

I’m getting tired of these attempts By wyze to make cheap alternatives to the more expensive guys but it doesn’t seem to be working out.
Me, when I got the first regular wyze cam: YAAAY!
Me, with every product since then (pan, sensors, bulb): WHY ISN’T THIS WORKING!?

I hear you on the adhesive. Check this thread for some ideas/alternatives. For mine I cut down the adhesive strip from an unused 3M Command hook, and fingers crossed, so far so good.

As for the notifications, how much time is passing between when the sensor is opened (and you get the notification) to when it is closed next? Have you tried clearing the Opened notification from your phone before trying to close the sensor? As a last resort, just to see if it works, have you tried enabling only the Closes notification setting, and then open and close the sensor?

To rule out proximity/reception, If you haven’t mounted the other sensor from the kit, you could try configuring it similarly with both Opens and Closes notifications, and then open and close the sensor just a few feet from the Sense hub.

If still no luck you’ll probably need to fill out a tech support request.

I have the same issue for my garage back door. I installed my first one when the sensor first lunched some time last year. It was working fine until the winter time came. It showed offline from time to time, and later it showed low battery. No problem. I read the lower temperature can shorten the battery life. I bought a new battery and installed it, but the sensor showed offline. I started trouble shooting, read all related blogs, sent several email to Wyze tech support (no replies). I tried to delete and re-paired it without any success. I gave it up. Recently, I bought another 4 sensors directly from After I paired all of them, One of them showed low battery. How come the new one showed low battery which I just bought??? The quality control is soooo poor. I don’t even bother to return this small item. After I put it up on the garage back door, I got the same issue as you have. I took the smaller part off the door, and did test, my phone showed open and close, but after I stick it back to the door frame, my phone just show open. I changed the setting just to notify me: “closed” and “is left closed…,” unchecked “open”, but nothing changed. The sensor just show Open, and from time to time, it offline, so weird. Anyone can explain it and fix it?

Thank you.



This may be a solution…

After I read the thread about magnet, I did a test this morning and I think I solved this issue. I revised the sensor locations as: put the smaller part (which has magnet) on my back door. The door is metal since it’s outside door, and put the bigger part on my wood frame. It shows open and close right away. So far so good. I will keep it updated several months later if anything changes.

Good luck,


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Now I’m not getting notifications of door closing or opening. Status doesn’t change in the app either

I’ve had the same problem with one of my contact sensors – shows open when it’s closed. Takes all kinds of opening, closing, and toggling to fix.

That won’t work for me. Opened and closed countless times in a week’s time. Still won’t notify

I seem to be having similar issues with new door contacts. I protested them before mounting and notifications worked fine both open and close.
Stuck them to the door and voila, permanent open. I tried changing notifications, but got nowhere. Not sure what else to try