Wyze Sense door

I have a sensor on my front door. It will update with the app that it opens, but never updates the app it closes. The close event isn’t happening too soon after the open event so it should be able to send the info to the bridge fine. The sensor is about 15-20 feet away from the bridge, but there are no walls or anything between the camera and the sensor. so it shouldn’t be a range issue. Any ideas on what to do?

Most of my contact sensors will have their status updated within a few seconds, but occasionally it can take up to five minutes before the status is updated. Also, try restarting the App.

Edit: You may need to disconnect the camera with the bridge from power, then plug it in again.

Restarted the app, still says it’s open. It’s been stuck on “open” for 3 hours. The back door sensor will update pretty quickly and has yet to get stuck like this.