Contact sensor not notify on close

I have 4 contact sensors on the does to my house. In most cases, 8 soon not get notified when a door closes. Checking the wyze app, it says the for is open, when clearly it is closed. I verified the light blinks when closed. The battery has been replaced.
It is quite frustrating. Is there something else I can check? At times I thought maybe the open, close was too quick. So I open a door, wait secretion seconds, then close. No notification, and the app days the door is still open even though I just closed it.


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Does this occur on all 4 contact sensors? If i am understanding correctly, they show in the app when opened, but not closed? Or they show correctly, and its the app notifications that arnt working? The app has a separately configured notification for open and closed. What is the distance, and what is in between the sensors and the bridge? As an easy trouble shooting thing, try restarting the camera with the bridge and see if that clears anything up.

It happens on 4 of my sensors.

I open a door and get a notification. Close the door nothing.

The bridge is about 10 feet away, same room, no walls between.

I have restarted the camera with the bridge. No help.

Just realized that the doors are metal for what it’s worth.

Rates times I do get a door closed notification. Re this. I have received notifications, at times, 5 minutes or more after the actual event. Happens a fair bit.

I have actually tried putting 2 sensors on the same door. Notifications from either are unpredictable.

Router is very close.

I tried opening the door, then used a magnet from another Sensor to mimic door open close. That seemed to work a lot better.

Finally any idea why those sensor appear offline a lot? Some days everything works fine. Some days, like today unpredictable.

Wondering if it can be a network problem? Out of ideas.



A quick follow-up.

It just occurred to me, I have 2 other for sensors. One door is wood, the others sliding fiberglass patio door.

They work pretty good.

Could it be the metal doors are having dinner magnetic affect.


That could very well be the issue since you say the other doors that are not metal aren’t having this issue. Maybe test different locations or sides of the door. Maybe a different location for the camera and bridge to help get around the metal door.


Wiell, today, they all seem to be working. I don’t get it. I have had the odd time when a notification doesn’t appear until several minutes later.

Will keep investigating.

Thanks for the input.


Final update, just FYI.

Sensor started failing to send notifications. It would always send for open, but not door closed. This is a metallic entrance door to my garage. The sensor is on the garage side. I tried using another Sensor magnet and it worked everytime. But on the door no. The bridge is in the garage less than 10 feet away from sensor

I moved the sensor from the garage side to the indoor side. Connected to a bridge indoors 20 get away.

Works every time now.


Nice! Thanks for the update! Glad it was figured out. I think people have had success with really any rare earth magnet as a substitute for the smaller piece. Glad it’s working solid for ya!