Are Wyze Sensors ready for prime time?

What has been your experience with using Wyze sensors? I have had two that would notify when opening, but not when closing! I see the red light blink when opening and closing. When testing, I leave them open for at least 10 seconds before closing - just in case there is some sort of timelag between the two activities. aaaaaaaarrrrrggggggg as I am writing this, I tested again and it worked for both opening and closing. Another test and it doesn’t notify me that it has opened. Writing IFTTT and apilio aplets is hard enough, but when you can’t depend on the device to signal correctly, it becomes almost impossible. Should there be a 1-5 minute gap between opens and closes? It fails to notify either that it has opened or that it has closed at least 50% of the time. What’s the use?

If the device is surrounded by metal when it is the closed position, then the light will blink, but the transmission will not make it to the bridge. So it will never show closed. I had that problem on my garage door. The garage door was metal, and when the sending unit got to the closed position it had the rail to contend with as well. Not to mention the water heater and the furnace between it and the bridge, which was also on the back side of the house.

I moved the bridge closer and mounted the sensor on top of the door. Been perfect ever since.

So often when it won’t indicate closed, it is because it is surrounded by metal when it gets into that position.

If it is unreliably reporting both positions, then it is probably too far from the bridge. Or there is some other metal between you and the bridge. Or as in my case, both.

It should indicate without delay both open and closed.


I am testing it on a wooden desk, so metal is not the issue. Though your response is a good one because it was destined for a garage door opener. Testing is done only 50 feet from the bridge, though it shows only one bar of three possible. It appears to me that if one of the signals gets through, the second one should arrive as well. I’m so disappointed!

One bar = unreliable, and 50 feet is a LONG way. Move your bridge closer.

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Newshound: taking for your advice, I got another bridge and moved it closer. The sensors seem to be working ok and I have three out of three bars. The trick now will be to get them into working position and have them still work. thanks

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