Contact sensor to close

I placed a contact sensor in my Milwaukee tool chest. And it’s supposed to turns on a light when I open the Toolchest. But it’s only registering when I close the toolchest not when it’s open are the two contacts sensors to close together when open so that it still showing closed even when open.

It’s working now. It must’ve taken some time for the contact sensor and the light to connect. So I am happy and I have a functioning light in my Milwaukee tool chest.

OK so I thought I had this working fine last night. But it’s not working again today. So I have two questions is the contact sensor to close together so that when it’s open it’s not actually breaking connection and opening? And have you ever seen notifications like this before. I’m not getting any open notifications just closed notification.

@mavens I need some help from the Calvary

Open the Wyze app and tap the contact sensor. What do you see? Is there any open results under the date?

Yeah they’re all open alerts there are no closed alerts.

The closed alerts will show in your notifications. The open status is under sensor name and how long it was opened. The current status is at the top showing closed. It looks like it is working properly.

Edit: When the smaller side is farther than 2cm, it will send an open signal via the bridge.

I wonder why it’s not working then? If I turn the light on and then shut the door it will turn the light off but it never turns the light on when I open the door. And I have a Orbi mesh satellite in the garage so it should be getting Wi-Fi fine Because I can turn the light on and off through the app just fine. But the contact sensor is a little further from the bridge. So maybe It’s too far from the bridge?

That’s most likely the problem. The contact sensor is working correctly. The metal toolbox could be interfering with the signal. If the sensor was placed on the outside it might help.

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I believe it is the metal that messes with the wifi. I have a contact sensor on my metal mailbox that always says open. But when it is actually open by my mail carrier it still triggers it. Oddly, this is not consistent because sometimes it reads ‘closed’ … i don’t know why, but it has to be the metal.

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Only 2 centimeters triggers an ‘open’ signal? That seems like a very small margin. I have one on a gate that is definitely not that close together and work properly.
I am not trying to argue with you, i am just surprised that its supposed to be a 2 centimeter trigger. Is that somewhere in writing on the Wyze website? Can you post a link to it?

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I agree with you. :slightly_smiling_face: That measurement is a direct quote from the support pages. YMMV

Notice: It does say “farther” than 2cm

Does your contact sensor on your mailbox trigger anything or does it just alert you that it’s been opened and closed?

I did some testing. I don’t think it is the metal toolchest. I took the contact sensor in the house. It would turn the bulb off but not back on. I deleted both devices and added them back and same results. I’m gonna test the light in a different fixture tomorrow to see if it’s the adapter I’m using. If not it’s got to be the contact sensor has gone bad correct?