Wyze sense always reporting wrong status

i have a wyze sense on my garage door. i have great success with it telling me that the garage door opens but i have the worse time having it tell me when it closes, and because it doesn’t sense that its closed, i always get the left open message. i assume thet maybe the distance of my sense to the hub is too far? but why does it work when it opens but not when it closes?

I sometimes have this problem with a sensor from another company. In my case, I think the metal door is blocking the signal when it’s closed, but not blocking it when it is open.

How far is the distance from your sensor to your bridge

its actually on the other side of the house. don’t know distance, maybe 100ft. but that’s a guess. i’m thinking it could be a combination of the weak signal and the metal door.

My guess is your signal is kinda weak, Distance, Obstructions , Metal

We posted at the same time

yup kinda what i thought but i wanted to ask before i try and move that base closer

Mine is about 60 ft away and through metal door, I end up getting a decent signal

how do you have it mounted on the door? (picture?)

its very simple mounting using gaffer’s tape. mounted vertically. i’ll take a pic and post it later when i get home.

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Attached is the picture when the garage door is closed, and picture when garage door is open

ahhh I see. something tells me that there is just enough movement in this that they are still reading open. the magnets is just a smidge too far away to register. maybe look into using a hinge instead of the tape so there is a defined track that the sensor will move on. I have used the hinge method as have many others and it seems to work far more than just the majority of the time. there is far less unanticipated movement with the hinge.

I just played with this tonight. Even the metal rails for the door were too much for the transmitter. It could transmit open when it cleared the rails, no problem. But when the transmitter got behind the rail, closed was very difficult. Sixty feet? 100 feet? Yikes!!! Those are free air distances. I had trouble at 25 feet behind all my walls and interference. Of course walls and any metal like the door rails, detract from the distance. Even the metal behind the fiberglass may affect range. See if what is under there is magnetic (use the Wyze base).

I ended up moving my bridge closer, and all is well now.

ok i guess i don’t want to drill holes into my garage door. i’ll probably try and move the base closer to the garage. i’ll try that first before drilling

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I used some 3M command strips to avoid drilling holes. between that or even super glue if needed you should be able to get it to stick.

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I also decided to mount the sensor on top of the door to eliminate the “surrounded by metal” effect of being behind the rails.

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