Wyze Contact Sensor Garage Door Placement?

Just got my Wyse Contact Sensors in the mail today. Trying to install one of the contact sensor on my garage door but can’t find a good spot of mount the sensors? Anyone find a good spot for this?


I was able to do it on the side. The picture is taken from inside with the door closed. I had to add a piece of double stick tape to the outside edge of the magnet side


I had to check clearances first as one side of my door didn’t have enough clearance and would knock the magnet off when it opened

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Is that the top or bottom of your garage door?

Look around here in the forum, or Wyze reddit, or the Facebook group and you’ll see several posts/discussions/photos of what people have done. One clever one is to attach a for regular hinge so gravity brings the contacts together when the door is vertical (closed), and the hinge settings open when the door guess horizontal, causing the contact to separate (open)


Thank Jeff2, I placed it at the top right and everything lined up. The magnet seems to be strong enough to not need the 3m. :+1:

Here is my setup. Its a smartthings multi sensor but it would work the same.


That’s clever!

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I agree with the hinge method, placed on the top panel so it you get the notification earlier.

I 3D printed this hinge:

Thanks for the ideas! The hinge method worked best for me. Placed a metal hinge in top center of garage door, drilled two pilot holes, then attached with two screws. Used a few small washers because hinge screws were slightly longer than door width. Cleaned the garage door and attached the main sensor using the existing adhesive. The small portion of sensor attaches to the hinge with just the magnet.

It works great so far. When door goes up, gravity drops down the hinge to open the sensor and show the door open. When it closes, the hinge goes flat against the door and sensor indicates door is closed. Also used some thin stick on rubber backing cut to size of the hinge to help cushion the force when door closes, but it worked fine without that.


Nice! What are the dimensions of your hinge?

I just used one I had already… 2 1/2" National N146-258 V 518 - 2 pack. A smaller size might also work, but for it to work properly the hinge needs to be a loose style and swing freely.

Not sure if links like this are allowed to be posted here, but from searching that item number…

Also here’s another picture to better show the location on the door… the sensor and hinge are at the top in line with the other center garage door hinges.

@Omgitstony you know the ST multi has a tilt sensor inside and can be configured that way for garage door right?


Try mounting it on track and door linkage
I would attach a photo but cant figure out how.

Hi TangHau … thanks for the tip. Look forward to you posting a picture … but I think you need to have posted several times before you have ability to post pix. Maybe one of the moderators can explain.

I mounted the contacts as shown in the photo, works

like a charm…took,all of 3minutes to set it up.

Hi @bass_mace,

Just keep in mind that most garage doors move and shake to huge tolerances compared to a hung door or window in the home. The contact distance is the limiting factor here. Mounting it on the side behind the rolling track is a typical method, the hinge idea shown below is neat too (until the hinge becomes sticky).

Newer door openers with DC motors do not “jerk” as much but they still bump and move around quite a bit. Just keep in mind that if you install a sensor and it works and at some point in the future it is knocked off or does not show closed because its just barely too far for the sensor to detect it; its not defective, the sensor is being applied in a situation it is not necessarily suited for.

Hence, why alarm companies have tilt and much larger floor type sensors to reliably detect a garage door open or closed. Good luck and enjoy your new sensors! :grin:


Quick slightly offtopic question. How do you program the IFTT events for your garage door?

Like I want a notification if the garage door is open for more than 10 minutes, or if the garage door opens between 10pm and 6am. Anyway to set that up?

Right now it looks like it just notifies you when it opens or can be used to start the camera but nothing else. Thanks!

Top, but I have since changed to the hinge method shown in this post string. My signal strength was weak in my mounting situation due to door jamb, stucco and other “stuff” in the path to the bridge. Using the hinge in the middle of my door my signal strength went from 1 bar (weakest) to 3 bars (strongest).

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