Contact sensor at right angle

Hi, can I install the contact sensor at right angle? I cannot install it otherwise due to the way my door is built. Modification is not possible at this time (even adding a dowel)

I cannot comment if it’s recommended or supported, but I did this very thing on 2 different garage doors and they have worked flawlessly for over a week.

Yes. I have contact sensors installed with the transmitter piece in a vertical orientation and others in a horizontal orientation.

Ok, thanks. Wish there was a view from the Wyze team, but I guess that is not happening anytime soon…

Magnets radiate from the poles. (Ends).

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I changed the position of the sticky tape so that the sensor is mounted as intended. Agree that they work irrespective due to the magnetic polarity. Thanks

As with all contact devices, switching out the magnet supplied to a Neodymium Rare-Earth Magnet which you can get by the ton for cheap on eBay dramatically improves the flexibility of the sensor.

What are the improvements? Is the magnet in wyze sensor replaceable?

From wyze support: The Contact Sensor has two parts - a right and left side. The larger side houses the tech, with the magnetic switch being located on its left edge. You can place the smaller part of the sensor in any orientation as long as it’s within 2 cm of this switch.