One ersatz contact sensor?

Received my order of starter kit, 1 addl motion sensor, and 4 contact sensors. . I set each of the devices up at the kitchen table in the same room as the Wyze Cam with bridge. One of the contact sensors did not seem to work properly and the “device info” showed only one bar of signal strength whereas each of the others showed either 2 or 3 bars. So I deleted that contact sensor and set it up again, and this time it seemed to work OK.

I then attached it to a door in another room, with the two parts of the sensor separated by less than one cm. This time it showed a constant state of open, regardless of whether the door was open or closed. So I moved the camera to this room in case there was a signal strength issue. Still shows open regardless. Any suggestions?

Also the range of the sensors seem to be limited to about 25’ +/- with line of sight, less if any obstacles. does this sound about right?

Finally, does it matter if contact sensors are mounted horizontally or vertically?


I also purchased 6 of the contact sensors and one of the batch was doa. I contacted wyze and they are shipping a new one to me as a replacement. They can be mounted either direction. I have some of my sensors at least 25 feet from the bridge probably more like 30 and I have 1 bar min on the sensors and they are working perfectly. You may have gotten a dud.

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Mounting orientation doesn’t matter.

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