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Hi All, I just received my Wyze Sense Starter Kit and have deployed both contact sensors-on my back sliding door (58’ from camera) and one on back door (33’). Unfortunately they do not seem to work (even when I just play with them so I know it’s not a mounting issue) except maybe once in a while. It’s all on the same floor and my house isn’t that big so I’m wondering what could the problem be? They work when I’m in the same room as the camera. I do have a number of Acurite weather sensors in and around the house and perhaps they are interfering? Anyone else have similar issues? I haven’t tried the motion sensor but I image the communication is going to be the same.

Edit: I just tried them again and they worked. I’ll repeat over the next few days to see how consistant they are,

Edit: This morning one of my sensors (the farthest one away from the camera) is Offline. The other seems to be working.

Edit: Despite showing Offline, I opened the door and it changed it’s state to Open. However when I closed the door the state remained Open. I think I will try moving the Bridge/Hub to a more central camera.

First of all, if you can get 58’ away and still be in the house your house is big :smile:

Do you have other potential sources of interference?


OK, I moved the bridge to a camera that is a little bit closer. We’ll see how that goes. However I did discover something that is probably a bug. When I open a door with a sensor the Wyze App Home Page does not show that the contact sensor is Open. However if I select contact sensor, the contact sensor page show that it is open. It works this way when I close the door too. So it appears to me that the Wyze App Home screen is not displaying the correct contact sensor state.

Edit; I tried this again just to verify and the Home screen did not update when I opened but after going into the contact sensor page it did. However, reversing this by closing the door did not update either the Home screen or the contact sensor screen, ie, it remains stuck at Open.

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ah! good call. My contact sensor doesnt work at all at 12 feet away! booo!! however theres also a baby monitor about 3’ away! ill kill it and see if that fixes the issue.

Does anyone know if the Wyze bridges are swappable? I imagine they are but I am not sure. I have actually two Starter Kits and have replaced the Wyze bridge from the first kit with the second one leaving everything else the same. It came online based on the blue light but it didn’t seem to help. Currently both contact sensors show offline. Not getting anything at all even the contact sensor which is literally a few feet from the bridge. I’m beginning to think that this is a back end problem.

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Assuming the new bridge you swapped in was setup correctly, I think you probably need to remove and pair the sensors if you plugged in a different bridge. There must be some association between the two devices. I moved a sensor to be hooked to a different bridge and had to Delete Device, then do Add a Product again. When added back, it still had all the history for the sensor. Not sure if that’s the proper way or if it will work for your situation, but it worked for me.

To remove sensor:
Tap the sensor name, tap gear in top right for settings, then tap Delete Device.

To add sensor:
Go back to the main menu, tap the three dots in top right, tap Add a Product, tap the device to add, then follow the instructions (wait for voice notification from camera, use pin to reset sensor until the 3 red lights blink, etc).

There is no setup for the bridge–you just plug it in. It may just be a passive communications device talking to whatever camera it’s plugged into. When you set up the contact sensors you associate a camera with a sensor. When I move a bridge, the contact sensor shows a different camera MAC address but the same sensor address suggesting that it is just a pass through. Of course this isn’t proof that it’s a pass through. In either case it’s not working for me at this point.

I then deleted the contact sensor but at this point I cannot add the sensor back. Despite the flashing light the bridge/camera does not pick it up. I then power cycled the camera and I was able to add the contact sensor back and it worked. I then immediately moved the bridge to another camera and it also worked. I then moved the bridge back to the camera and it didn’t work immediately but then it did.

I think we have very buggy software.

Thanks for the information. That’s interesting behavior. Sorry, I really don’t know… just tried to share something to help. The bridge/camera must be paired somehow, so moving sensor to pair with a different camera/bridge probably requires removing and adding it back by repeating the pairing process. But from what you’re saying maybe the bridge can be moved between cameras and it still “talks” to all the paired sensors and they work.

I guess all that moving around of the bridge between cameras wouldn’t be normal after getting things setup. It wouldn’t be bad now if it does require pairing the sensors again because people don’t have a lot of them. But if you had many sensors and the camera died or something and you needed to move the bridge to a new camera it would be good to know what’s possible. Removing and adding/pairing many sensors again if bridge moves to new camera could be time consuming in the future.

Software is buggy and unreliable. I just bought a Pan Cam, Starter Kit and extra sensors. My bridge (Pan Cam) is 15ft from my door. It was working ok but then after adding a door sensor to my Garage Door, both sensors now have a weak signal of only 1 bar. Both sensors will show open when closed or closed when open. If I spread apart the sensor on either, I hear a notification on my phone that the sensor was open but the app shows closed. If I then touch the sensor halfs together, nothing happens. No notifications no change on app. Really buggy. Is it a bad bridge? Bad cam? I don’t think it’s the sensors because I’ve tried several and they all do the same thing. And before you ask…yes, I’ve done everything short of throwing the whole system in the trash. Removed sensor battery, restarted app, uninstalled app, removed sd card, forced stop app, started over from beginning, restarted router, You name it and I’ve done it.

What’s really odd is when binding the sensor, I get 5 red flashes and other times 3 red flashes on the sensors.

When starting over after uninstalling app, factory resetting cam, the cam says can’t find network with that name but then 3 seconds later it finds my 2.4 network and connects. And what’s up with this Authenticating Getting Video Data 1 2 3 lag each time I connect to see live view.

I can’t use Motion Tracking because the cam constantly is turning left to right when there is a person right in the middle of the frame? The cam should hold still and just record, but it doesn’t. It constantly thinks the subject is going to move I guess. Very odd behavior from the way Wyze engineers wrote their software. I’m this close to sending everything back. What’s the point of a door sensor that works some of the time then gives false information?

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