Anyone have a Wyze Sensor working flawlessly?

over the forums i can see lots of complaints, but
I would like to get feedback from those whose sensor(s) are working flawlessly, just like our Wyzecams. could you share how far it is from the hub & if you have other RF devices at home nearby. thanks

I haven’t had any issues whatsoever.

I have a pir sensor and contact sensor that works from about 45 feet away through3-4 walls.

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ok thanks, if you don’t mind: is your place fully detached ( no RF from neighbours)

do you have a cordless phone/ garage opener or doorbell using RF ( wyze sense uses frequency 915Mhz). thanks

My 2 sensors mounted on the outside of the metal garage doors work fine (as long as they don’t fall off, that is), about 20-25ft from the bridge. The motion sensor is also about 25ft away, in the basement with the bridge in the 2nd floor. Detached house with cordless phones (5.8GHz) & garage openers (not sure about RF frequency)

I have 2 motion sensors and a contact sensor on-line ATM. All but one of the motion sensors worked fine when they were installed. That motion sensor was about 35 feet and 4 walls away from the bridge, and was found offline about half the time. It also had to get past my refrigerator and microwave.

I moved the bridge to a camera much closer to both motion sensors, and now all 3 work great. The original motion sensor is now about 20 feet and 2 walls from the bridge with only a couple outside walls in between. The contact sensor is the furthest away now at 22 feet and 2 walls, no electronics in between.

I do have a garage door opener, but it is seldom used, and further away on the other side of the house. I have no cordless phones or wireless doorbell.

Mine work great and provide instant feedback

Two sensors set up and working flawlessly. Also one motion detector. Running since initial reception of order, at least two weeks. Sensors are approx 20 and 35 ft and through walls from camera with bridge, motion detector is about 20 feet. Alerts are on and consistently within 3 to 15 seconds of activity. No problems at all to date. My home is “smothered” by electronics, including over 60 devices running on my wireless.

I have one contact sensor working fine on my garage door, but the one at my plastic mailbox (about 50 feet with direct line of sight to the hub module on my pan cam) started showing the cloud disconnected icon a few days ago. When the mailbox is opened, it seems to cause it to reconnect and trigger alerts, but otherwise stays in the disconnected state.

I have a bunch of other HA (ST, Hue, GH, Echo, LIFX, Blink, Ring, Kasa, Sengled, ecobee) and one RF doorbell. Historically only ecobee and Blink have clashed as the ecobee remote sensors conflict with Blink’s frequency (Blink wins).

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3 motion and 4 contact sensors. All are within 35 feet of the camera with the bridge installed. All are working flawlessly. No RF from neighbors. 1 cordless phone with 2 remote stations.

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I’ve had the Wyze magnetic sensor installed on my garage door since the day I received the kits. Works great every time; triggers my inside garage camera, and sends me a notification each time the door is opened or closed!

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Do these PIR sensors have or need the ability to calibrate via an empty pyrolytic space, as do some PIRs, or is this a potential firmware/software update to come.
My own PIR wireless solutions work flawlessly for a human heat signature after empty space calibration, even given a vehicle or pet present.

The physical contact sensors and the bridge are working fine. (1 Bridge with 4 contact sensors) These are mounted on large slider doors and I am want them to send notifications when the doors are opened at off hours like midnight to 8 AM. The two problems I have are that notification are not controlled by the clock, ie They run all day long with lots of people in and out. Therefore if I turn notification on I get a annoying stream notifications during the day. Make the product useless for my objective. The second problem is the quality of the adhesive on the sensors. It does not hold very well. Double sided tape and removing the foam mount fixed the problem.

Contact sensors and motion detector are working great. Contact sensor on garage door is 25 feet from the camera with the bridge installed. Camera sensitivity to motion is amazing, I can watch the paperboy drive by 150 feet away at 4am. Obviously turned that notification off right away.

Mine have been working great. Two contact sensors, in a 700sq/ft apartment, with TONS of wifi around it (easily 40+ networks in range). They both have line of sight back to the bridge camera and neither are further than 25 ft from it.

I have one contact sensor and it’s worked flawlessly. I’m not using the motion sensor w/ it. I have a ring doorbell, a bunch of echo dots, a garage door opener nearby but separated by a wall. I also have kasa light bulbs (which are not very reliable in some cases.) I also have an ecobee thermostat, and a bunch of rokus, both separate units and also 2 onboard roku tv’s.

2 motion and 4 contact sensors. All working beautifully. About 1800 sq. foot home, TONS of wifi gadgets (74?).

6 motion & 6 contact, all working great now. At first I couldn’t get the ones in the backyard shed (motion & contact) to stay connected, so I moved bridge to a camera near the back wall. Then my garage door contact sensor wouldn’t stay connected, but I moved it from the metal track to the middle of the top panel (hinge method) and now it’s working fine (and it, plus motion & other door all work great with IFTT to turn on indoor garage lights). Lots of cordless phone and a garage door opener, plus lots of other electronics. (If I hadn’t found that sweet spot, I would’ve tried a second bridge.)

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My motion works fine, its at least 25 feet, 3 rooms away from hub (camera) I just haven’t found a good use for it. It captures motion, but without video not sure what that is good for. We’ll see.

Welcome to the forums Pogue18,

Some ideas for the motion sensor:

  • Placing it inside a safe
  • Placing it inside a room you want nobody to enter
  • Placing it near an entrance, so if you are not home, you’ll know someone is here
  • Placing it in a medicine cabinet, if someone tries to grab medicine without permission
  • Placing it where there are hazardous materials/chemicals

Hope you think of more!



“anyone gotten it to work flawlessly/“
I hear the guys in Shenzhen did once when they signed the manufacturing contract with Wyze.

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