Motion and door sensor question

So I have a garage like 50 feet from my house.

My wyzecam works fine with the wifi out there but my door and motion sensors do not. It only allows me to use those if they’re crazy close to my pan camera which is in my living room.

How do they connect (wifi, some other method?) and what can I do to use them in my garage with a normal wyzecam camera? Do I need a second wyzecam hub thing to plug into my original wyzecam out there?

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Yes, you will need a second bridge that far out. The sensors out there will need to be reassigned to that bridge.

The sensors use 950 MHz RF to communicate with the bridge, which then includes the sensor information to the camera’s WiFi transmissions.

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If you have a camera close to your garage, you can plug a bridge into that camera and the sensors should work. The range on the sensors have a limit especially if there are several walls the signal has to go through. Some of mine are about 24 feet away from my camera and they still work fine.

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Perfect! That’s exactly the info I was looking for! Thank you so much!


You are welcome.

My garage is about 50 feet from the bridge through stone fireplace, a wall, then a wooden cabinet unfortunately :smile:

Your guess is correct. The sensors and motion detection devices are not wifi devices and only communicate with a bridge that is in a camera and they have a range of 25 30 feet so you will have to actually get a bridgeon your camera in the garage and you should solve your problem

It has been my experience you can get quite far with the sensors I have on in my garage about 50 feet away through a metal door

That’s an excellent report to hear. Thank you

It does vary a lot based on circumstances, but my experience has been in the 25-30 foot region as well. So let’s just say YMMV (Your Milage May Vary).

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I’m running one motion sensor over 100’ away from the bridge, through 1/2" plywood and the front wall of the house with a large glass window. So long distances are possible. As others have mentioned, how much and what type of materials it is transmitting through make a big difference. Stone fireplace, wall and bookcase sounds like a lot. And that doesn’t count the garage walls, right? Speaking of which, does the garage perhaps have metal siding? That would really reduce the range.