Wyze sense not stable

Hi there

having the Wyze Sense installed and sometimes they work.
Often the PIR does not work then comes back suddenly and disappears.
Door contact stays open even opening and close again the door.

Any idea on this?

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The usual since you only joined the forum a few minutes ago: Distance between the sensors and bridge matter. Metal around each matters also. Walls, etc matter. Anything you can do to reduce those variables helps. Garage doors are an issue, as they have so much metal. So what is your situation?

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certainly, I should have guessed, sorry.
For PIR:
about 7m, some metal (I guess) in the wall in between
For door contact.
About 14m, several walls in between and I guess there are some metal parts, but it’s not a garage door.

Is it possible to force the door sensor to check the status?

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46 feet is a bit of a distance, depending on what objects are in between and whether things like a screen door is involved. Are there any other cameras closer that could host the bridge? V2s are preferred.

There is currently no way to force an update of the sensor status, other than having the sensor change state.

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Hi again
nope there is no screen door involved and for the moment we got only one V2 available which could not be moved.

Okay bad news :smiley:
I wonder myself if we open and close to fast?

Thanks for your support