Wyze contact sensor going offline

Recently picked up a set of Wyze sensors. I setup a contact sensor on a closet door to turn the light on. Frustratingly, it goes offline for no clear reason, and I often find the light on. Signal strength usually shows one or two bars. The motion sensor, no more than six feet away, shows three bars. The camera that both are paired to is down the hall in another room about 20 feet away.

Few questions,
What camera is the bridge hooked into?
I know you said the motion a few feet away has no issues, but what is straight between the contact and the bridge? How many and what kind of walls?
What does your rule history show with the contact/closet light? Is the rule working?

The bridge is on the base model Wyzecam. Four walls between the sensor and bridge. Standard drywall and wood studs construction. The rule history does show when the contact sensor operates properly. It doesn’t seem to show when it fails.

Base model v1, base model V2, or base model pancam? :slight_smile:
The amount of walls might be an issue. Do you have another camera closer to the bad sensor to improve connection by moving the bridge? Do other sensors that are paired with that bridge have any issues? Or just that one?

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It’s the Wyzecam V2. There is a motion sensor with the problem sensor in the same room that does fine. I don’t have a closer camera unfortunately. I guess this is just a design limitation.

One thing to try might be to get a short USB jumper to get the bridge away from the V2. I’ve read folks here have had success with one foot cables, I’d be wary or anything much longer due to power drop. That may help with reception

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Seems worth a try. I just put an extension on. Working so far. Will update after a day or so of tests.

Thank you


I’ve used a 3 meter USB extension to extend the bride away for quite sometime now with no issue. Just don’t get them to thin ones if I where you …

Before which I have a V2 mounted on a concrete wall that needed to stay there.
But one of 3 senors barely made 1 bar and sometimes when off line (stuck open) the other 2 had 3 bars.

I extended the bridge to the close window and the 1 bar sensor when to 3 bars.

But one of the other 2 drop to 2 bars which is still okay…