Contact Sensors Defective

Anyone else having a similar problem?

I have 5 sensors that went bad and was told by Wyze support that even though they are defective they are out of warranty and won’t be replaced. Seems to be a pretty crappy way of dealing with a problem that they are aware of.

From support Chat: “We are aware that some batch of the contact sensors are having this type of issue. But rest assured that it has been corrected already and the new contact sensors will not do the same thing once replaced.”

I am considering chucking all of my Wyze gear and moving to another platform. Very frustrating!


Yup, same thing happened to me.

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Agreed. Doesn’t incentivise me to buy replacements.

Did support give you a support ticket number.

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The won’t replace he sensors because they were purchased in May of 2019

Can you post your support ticket number so I can have someone at Wyze look into it. I cant guarantee it will change anything since I am just a user but I would like to see.


thanks for trying to help - Pete


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Most of my Motion sensors work fine but one continually reports a very low signal strength (one bar), even after installation of a new battery. It is located 2 feet from another sensor, pointing in a different direction, and both sensors are connected to the same bridge which is on a direct line of sight 16 feet away. One sensor shows full signal strength, the other shows one bar. I guess it is worn out.

My ticket is below. Thanks!

Wyze Ticket 818761


I’ll send this over to the team. Thank you for sharing your ticket numbers!


thank you :slight_smile:

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I had a door sensor fail the other day in the “closed” position. I figured it was the battery, so I replaced it. The bridge (on a Pan Camera) it was attached to saw it. but it never would show “open” again. I figured the sensor had gone bad, so I ordered a whole new sense kit. When it arrived, I tried attaching one of the new sensors back to the Pan Cam Bridge, but it never would connect. I tried the new bridge in another camera (V2) that I already had (that was easily accessible), and it was hard to get it to update the firmware on the bridge, but it finally did.
When I tried to add a door sensor to the new bridge on the V2, it kept failing. I tried the other door sensor that was in the kit, and it worked. The only problem with it was extremely short distance. It would work within 25 feet. I tried putting in a new battery on that sensor, but that did not help.

I figured I needed another V2 camera anyway so I ordered one. I thought I would try the new bridge and sensors using this new camera (and Wyze 32gb memory card). The new camera came in, and I got the firmware on it updated finally, and attached the bridge to it, and the first sensor would not connect (as before, even with a new battery). The sensor that had connected successfully before connected, but still the distance was very short. The sensor I was replacing would consistently work well at over 50ft with the Pan Camera/bridge. I then tried to order another sensor kit from Wyze, but they are now out of stock. I figure either this bridge, and/or the door sensor(s) are bad. I have done several installs on these, so I am not a rookie. I am beginning to wonder if this new kit I received is defective. I don’t want to deal with a long Tech support runaround, so I will just wait for the new batch to arrive in stock, and buy another round. I have about 4 bad wyze door sensors in a box. Hopefully the next batch will be of better quality. I also notice that sometimes the sensors arrive with batteries that are already about spent (tested with a digital multimeter). Thanks, and good luck to everyone out there, stay safe!

Same issue. Some just don’t work properly.

I have several contact sensors that just went bad also. Tried replacing batteries to no avail. Pulled out a new sensor and it worked. Will order replacements. They are cheap, but I hope they have fixed the problem. Mine are about 2 years old.

The average consumer would have problems troubleshooting these door sensor issues!

Is it the camera, is it the memory card, is it the a/c adapter, is it the usb cable, is it the bridge, is it the door sensor, is it the sensor battery, is it the Wyze Android App, is it firmware related, is it my wifi network, is it the Wyze network? I do not know if I want to do all this anymore!

The light bulbs can be difficult too. It seems every time I go to deploy a light bulb, it is a new adventure. I try to follow a basic roadmap, but something always seems to go awry on a new bulb install.

My favorite product is the Wyze Scale, it just seems to work, unless the Wyze Servers are down,
but at least it can tell me how much I weigh.

Supposedly new sensors are coming out “soon”. I would wait

I have 4 contact sensors and 2 motion. All worked excellent except one contact sensor. I was able to add the sensor using the app, but the sensor remained in the N/O (normally/open) state.

I contacted support and after trouble shooting, the tech decided to issue a new replacement sensor. He said it was no good and discard it.

Afterward, I opened the sensor to inspect further. The glass reed switch was damaged on one end, most likely during manufacturing, preventing the reed to close when magnetized.

Most likely I’ll replace the reed switch and use it as a spare.

So far I have been more than happy with this company, products and service.

I am having all kinds of problems with mine too.

They replaced 2 out of my 6 and now the others are not working.

Clearly having design issues.

Obviously why they pulled them. I hope they offer some kind of retribution.

Same issue here went through all of the fault finding with CS rep then told out of warranty so that’s it. This is a known issue and now I am a little concerned about the lack of support here. Very disappointed 18 months is the life of the sensor?

Yes unfortunately they are a miss item which is why they are no longer available. Just wish Wyze would make it right.