Contact Sensor Mounting on Door with Trim?

So, I should be receiving my Starter Kit on Monday. But I just realized I have a slight problem – my doors have trim. The piece on the door will be slightly offset from the piece on the trim. Do the two pieces need to be flush when closed? (I assume so.) And, more importantly, can I rig it somehow so that they are close enough to each other to work? I’m guessing the answer is simple trial and error, but I figured, since I’m new, I would ask anyway.

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I miss the old V1 contact sensors because that magnet only required a couple tenths of an inch to mount, and I had that before my door trim even started.

They don’t need to be perfectly aligned, but I haven’t had to mount a V2 sensor on door trim yet. Here are some possibilities:

  • Put some cardboard, wood, or 3D printed material under the sensor to raise it to the level of the other half of the sensor?

  • You might get lucky, and the distance between the two halves is not enough for the sensor to lose contact?

  • Instead of using the sensor’s magnet, use a stronger one, or one that you can control the position better?

Report back to us with some pictures! I will ask the mods to up your level so you can do so. :slight_smile:


@powerslave3172, you know - you are not limited to using simply the Wyze magnets. I have a couple of places where I used these magnets with the double sided tape that came with them. The length give you a little more to work with in positioning them. and they are flatter than the Wyze magnet side of the sensor. And test the positioning and distance so you have them where they work best.

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The V1 magnets will work with the V2 contact sensor. I tested this just this week.

There is a place in my front door molding where I could not get the magnet side to fit very well so I thought would notch out a spot on the trim to recess the magnet side of the sensor.

Going to one of my drawers to grab a pencil to mark it out, I ran across a handful of bricked V1 sensors that for whatever reason or another I have refused to get rid of, and wondered if they would work… needless to say it did so gonna use it since i’ve got it.


I would not worry too much about making it even. The magnet is more than strong enough to pull on the sensor even when it is offset a little from the trim. I have a lot of mine on trim and it makes no negative impact. I’ll post a few pictures to show you.

Those are all V2 Contact Sensors using trim. It works just fine being off-set a little.

V1’s also work just fine being offset like these:



Seriously, don’t worry about making it exactly level or flush. They have worked GREAT for me even without being exact.


And don’t push the magnet up against the sensor either. It will likely hit it and pop it off the door. There needs to be at least a slight gap.


Thank you for the pictures. From those, it looks like I won’t have any problems. Just need the darn Starter Kit to actually show up, first.

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Very helpful! Thanks. I was thinking they needed to be as close as possible.

They really are really good sensors that give you a decent amount of leeway for placement. Definitely don’t worry about leaving little gaps (in fact, make sure there are little gaps).

What I did to mount them, was before putting the sticky tape up, I first activated the sensors. then in the app I would stay selected on the sensor status where it showed me if it was registered as open or closed. Then I held the 2 pieces up to the door where I intended to mount them and I would make sure it registered as “closed” from that far apart. If it worked, then I’d stick them up there permanently and know it was good. If it doesn’t show the status as closed, then move them around until you find where they are correctly showing as “closed” and in this way there is no risk, you will know for sure whether it works or not before committing to it. Pretty easy solution.


Got it. Wasn’t even difficult. I was worried about nothing. Gonna see if I can figure out how to post pictures.


Thanks for the follow-up. So happy to hear that things worked out well for you! I often put the sensor on the door and the magnet on the trim so it holds the sensor more securely, and the magnet easily holds on a smaller section, but as you saw in my picture I also put some on the trim just like you did.

So glad to hear your successful follow-up. Thanks.

You can buy a roll of double stick foam tape of various thicknesses. You can cut two pieces and stick them together. I’ve done this tor my slider windows. Handy to have when you want to move them also.


Hello All.

Below is a picture of magnets that can skip the tape and problems that may occur:

I looked up ‘alarm contact magnets’ in my browser and came up with many results, some of which look just like the ones in the picture above.

Victor Maletic.