How to install door sensor on outside door

Received the Home Security bundle today. I do not see how the door sensors can be mounted on the inside of my outside doors. Each of the outside doors has a decorative door frame that is not flush with the door (which I believe to be fairly standard). I reached out before I ordered and was assured that the door sensors would work. I must be looking at this wrong. Please help, thanks.


Hi Gary.

Looks like you should have space to do the following… Try placing the larger piece on the sensor onto the door (left side of photo) and then place the magnet onto the edge of the molding (right hand side of the photo) …

The larger on will definitely go on the door, but the smaller one is too wide (Not really as much room as it looks). Plus the door frame part sticks way out from the door. Any other ideas?

Try sticking a small neodymium magnet somewhere so that it triggers the sensor when the door is closed, rather than trying to use the huge plastic enclosed magnet that ships with the sensor

A simple magnet with set the door sensor? Can the magnet be painted? Momma don’t like silver

I’m not sure, some magnets will take paint, some won’t. If you get a strong enough magnet, you could drill a hole and stick the magnet in and then fill the hole with wood putty and paint that.

Thanks for all your help

Are you sure they have to be lined up and really close for the circuit to close? I have had different ones before that one part was flat and the other actually sat above it somewhat with a fair gap and it still was close enough to close the circuit. Just my epxperience. Of course, the insturctions are going to show them installed virtually perfectly but thats not always what will work. You might also have to shim behind the part you put on the door to raise its level up and theres always (the not ideal) option of cutting into the trim to put one sensor in flat.

I do not believe they have to be lined up and close to work, but my trim is multicurved and no part is really wide enough for the small side of the connection. I will test it out and let you know.

You may also try to use the magnet from the V1 door/window sensors. Those will work as well, and will be a bit smaller in size. (Of course, not necessarily the best use case, but functions. I have a V1 magnet for use on one of my V2 window sensors… I’ve opened and closed the window numerous times without issues and the app recognizes the state of the window properly.