Best method for matching up entry sensors

Anyone have a good idea of what I can use to match the sensors up? I have about a 2 inch gap.

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Put the magnet on the upper frame/Triim and the Sensor on the door. You may have enough space for the magnet.

Or Put the Magnet on the right side on the Trim, looks to have more space, and the Sensor on the door.

You could also take the Magnet out of the case, use 2 sided tape and add it to the upper frame and then paint it white to match the color of the trim.


I had several doors that needed some “special” placement. On one similar to yours, I put Scotch 3M clear adhesive (incredibly strong) on the side of the magnet so it stuck to the corner of the door frame and head jamb. Then I stuck the sensor to the door so the arrows lined up. Another sensor required an extra layer of 3M adhesive behind the sensor to bring it out just enough to be flush with the magnet since they didn’t install the head jamb flush with the door. Yet a third required (not recommended) slight notching of the casing. A lot of it depends on which way the door opens. I assume that is an inward opening door.

As @spamoni4 suggested, placing the magnet on the door frame up against the head jamb or side jamb looks like it will still allow the door to open inward without clipping it. The sensor can then go on the door.


Most my entry sensors are like this: