Entry Sensor Stays in Open Status and Never Shows as Closed


My entry sensor always shows as “open” on my front door in the app. For example, while in test mode, I open the door and the sensor blinks. When I close the door, it shows as closed for a second and then immediately shows again as open.

Any ideas?

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Hello @demarco.dennis

It sounds as if the magnet is passing the sensor and reaching a point where the magnet is to far from the sensor to read as closed.

Can you post a picture and show how you have the sensor mounted?

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I think you’re correct. My door frame isn’t flush with the door. My door frame is decorative and there’s not sufficient space to place the sensor.

Is there a way around this?

Thank you.

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Looks like you have the magnet laying down on the flat side on the door and the magnet away from the sensor on the door side as well.

Try mounting it on the long short side so it is closer to the sensor.
Like So

And make sure the 2 marked sides are together as this is where the optimal polarity is.


Thank you so much! That worked.

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what do you mean by the long short side? ive got same issue UUGGHH