Wyze Entry Sensor v2 - 22 mm

As I was setting up my eighth entry Sensor this weekend, I was wondering what the best way to install on a sliding glass door. Nothing looked ideal for placement at first.

I set it up on my desk before attaching it to the door. I wondered if the orientation of the magnet would work as show in the Pic below (it did), and I actually for some reason read (this time) some of the info presented in the App as I setup this sensor (people read instructions?). I noticed it said the distance between the Sensor on the Magnet could be 20 mm Max (I don’t speak or think in metric). So, I rifled through my toolbox in the garage and found something with cm on it (basic math, said google, is 20 mm = 2 cm (which is about 3/4")

I was surprised how FAR I can place the sensor from the magnet and still get the sensor to detect open and closed events.

Wish I’d done this experiment before I placed the other seven sensors, as I did everything to make sure the the sensor and magnet where ‘practically’ touching when ‘closed’ :slight_smile:

Maybe ‘Closer’ means the battery will last longer than if placed 20 mm apart?





Hi. Nope closer won’t save the battery. But you don’t have to use the ones that come with the sensor. (I never do). I have several brands of sensors all over my house, Samsung Smartthings, Sonoff, Wyze and Yolink off the top of my head. And on all of these, these are the magnets that I have been using successfully. I stick them on whatever with Gorilla doublesided tape. Easy to get off. And when I need to reduce the gap, I simple add another magnet over the top of the first.