Entry sensors for dummies (like me)

I build my own computers so usually technical stuff does not make me itch but these entry sensors for my new version 2 hub are making me scream. I managed to get a sensor installed on the door the light blinks when the door opens but it doesn’t detect in the app i.e. no open or close notifications, no tones. I read polarity could be an issue ok I’ll go look at that. My sliding (up/down) windows I managed to get one sensor installed that works right and shows close/open properly in the app. My back door the door frame is not at the same level as the door when closed (the door is indented about an 8th of an inch it does not meet the magnet on the same level and there’s no place to stick it inside the door frame) from reading the sensor and the magnet aren’t supposed to have to butt right up next to each other but so far the only one working right that’s the case they’re almost touching each other when the window is closed and latched. Only thing I can think of to do with this door is put something under the sensor attached to the door that will raise it to the same level as the magnet on the door frame, maybe a thin piece of cardboard or rubber or something.

Does anyone know of a youtube for the version 2 sensors. I know once somebody tells me what I’m doing wrong it will be obvious but right now it’s not. I have done the plethora of firmware updates that came out and keep checking for more. For something that really should be obvious these aren’t, or at least they aren’t to me. Diagrams would be nice.

No YouTube video that I know of.

But, with the sensors, make sure the line /indent is lined up between the magnet and the actual sensor. You should see a mark on each.

Once you add it to your hub, you should get the tune sounds when something opens.

Make sure you also have them setup for notification. This is on the sensor itself.

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I have an old house with some recessed doors. But several have been replaced w\ flush doors. And, I also have some newer construction doors.

I had to get creative when placing the sensors. Only one of the doors needed some modification to notch out the moulding to mount a sensor magnet. On most flush doors, I placed the magnet on the frame and the sensor on the door. But, on the recessed doors with a wide frame sill, I placed the sensor on the frame and uses adhesive on the side of the magnet to attach it to the door. The only good place to mount it on my unfinished garage door was to put the sensor on the header and put the magnet at the very top of the door.

Whatever way you need to mount them is fine so long as the notches match up and they work.

For the chimes and notifications, as @spamoni4 indicated, the chimes are set in the Home Monitoring Settings, Tune Settings and can be turned on and off individually per sensor. The Notifications are a function of each individual sensor and are set in the sensor settings.

Make sure you also review your On Duty sensor lists for Home and Away.

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You want answers? You want the truth? Can you handle the truth? You want a sensor.

Here’s a sensor, real men use. Its the sensor that all sensors everywhere should aspire to be. LOL

Ok I had a moment to fiddle with the front door sensor that should be working but “wasn’t.” The magnet was on right, the sensor was on right, line met line the Wyze logo was right side up on the sensor. So I ripped it out via the app and reinstalled it. No change, looked for firmware updates, none. So I popped an fbang and ripped it out again and reinstalled it this time with the door closed instead of open, presto the little bugger decided to work properly and then not thirty seconds later I got a notification for a firmware update on the hub. Was this coincidence or did all this playing around remind the little guy he had a firmware to download. Well I guess that’s the personality of this beast, lesson learned. When all else fails rip it out and reinstall it a few times. Great five window sensors to install and got to figure out that back door and where to put the motion sensors, I might see if my storage building is too far from the hub to work I’ve got some goofballs living behind me that I worry about getting in my storage building since they like to take anything that isn’t nailed down.

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Not a coincidence that it needs installed when closed.

Yes a coincidence for the firmware update. The FW update for the hub was only just released. The Sensors do not get firmware updates. They have no WiFi. You get what is on them from the factory.

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