Entry Sensor sound on Hub

Hi all. I have tried to search for this info but been having a hard time finding it.

I have the Home Monitoring System with the Entry Sensors. I thought I read somewhere that one of the new updates allowed the sound volume (when the door opens) to be turned off? I have it set to Low, but my dogs have started to associate the sound with going outside, so when we are not taking them out, they go nuts lol. I wanted to turn off the sound but still use it for turning lights on via “Rules.”

Am I just totally missing where this option is?


It’s controlled through the monitoring tab in the middle, then scroll to the bottom and select Home Monitoring Settings, then Tune Settings. From there you can select on or off for each sensor.


oooh man, thanks so much! I wound have never found that :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
I’m so glad its an option.

Now they just need to allow us to customize with other sounds! =)

Thanks carverofchoizce


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

I totally agree about being able to customize with other sounds! I would love that! :slight_smile: