Sensor hub volume has decreased considerably after latest update

…in particular with the door sensor entrance chime. I used to hear the chime when I would enter through the garage door that’s quite a bit away from the hub. Ever since the latest update, i cannot hear it any longer entering from the garage. Volume has decreased by at least 50% if not more.

When the hub had its latest update, I did find that the volume had reverted back to medium, so I flipped back to high. Didn’t make a difference.

Anyone else ?


Good late morning, just bumping this up. I submitted a log, the volume thing is a really issue for us, was wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue after the latest update.

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Since you mention it, I have noticed that the sound seems softer. Didn’t really think anything of it until I saw this post. I’ll try raising the volume and see what happens.

Update: Tested low, medium and high settings without noticeable change in volume. It does seem to be much quieter, not a good thing.


Exactly. No volume difference between medium and high,volume still sounds much lower than what it once was.

I noticed after the latest update, the volume setting reverted back to medium. I thought all it needed was to be flipped back to high to restore the lack of volume when doors sensors open and closes, unfortunately the volume is as low as it’s ever been.

Submitted a ticket but haven’t heard back :frowning:

Anyone else ??

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I have the same issue

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Noticed the same, but I haven’t tested the siren to see if it is lower too. I don’t might the lower announcements volume, but if it limits the siren - no thank you! They should separate the volumes between siren and announcements.

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This has been a really annoying issue for me as well. The countdown until arming and unarmed timers have been locked to volumes that have been reduced by nearly 75% after the last update. And, with no way to adjust it. Also, three of my motion sensors keep dropping off line. Filed a ticket for the motion sensors yesterday after an hour of troubleshooting with a support agent over the phone and I’ll open another ticket for the volume issue today. We needed a 50% increase in volume not a 75% decrease. Also, can we link Wyze 2 Cameras so that Sirens go off at the same time the hub is tripped by an intruder? I’d like my whole house to blow up with sirens when someone breaks in and not just the quite sounds that are put off by the Wyze Hub when the alarm is triggered. I have 5 cameras that I want their alarms to sound at the same time as the Hub does. Any suggestions?


I have been testing this hub volume reduction phenomenon since @grielli brought it to my attention and I too have noticed that my chimes, and the hub announcements, and alarms/siren on the hub have all dropped in volume significantly despite all being set to high volume still.

In fact, High used to be so loud for the siren that I could barely hear myself think, and my daughter and others said it was way too loud (as were the entry/exit delay beeping), which I thought was a good thing, sirens should be too loud. Now it is so quiet that the entire house has slept through the siren the last 2 times I accidentally set it off…which would’ve been impossible a few months ago when set on high. It is a very obvious difference. It’s like everything has been limited to low volume now, maybe medium at best. I also can’t hear announcements from my home office anymore like I used to be able to, and I can’t hear the chimes in some locations I used to hear them.

I can’t confirm for sure when the change took place, but I am confident that the volume dropped. I am hoping it is just a bug or mistake that was implemented in the latest firmware and hope it will be fixed in a new update as soon as Wyze realizes what happened.

It’s possible it’s intentional. Who knows, maybe they found the high volume was ruining some of the hub speakers or something, so they lowered the volume to prevent further damage and warranty replacements on others going forward. I do not know. Personally, I think if some people thought High was too loud, those people should just set it to a lower volume, not take away the high setting. But I am hoping it was just bug/mistake that will be fixed.

Can we get some people to post what firmware you have on the hub and whether or not you are experiencing a volume decrease?

It would be good to gather some data on this issue (to see when it started, if it is one particular firmware or a couple of them, if it is just beta or the production firmware or what). If you submitted a log for the Hub related to this issue, maybe post that log number in here too.

  • My hub firmware version is
  • I am experiencing a significant volume loss on my hub from how it used to be despite everything set to High Volume still.
  • Log 306479 submitted

The lower volume I think happened on the last update, I kept mine at med normally but now it’s like its stuck on low.

Assuming a glitch that will need to be updated.

(on a plus side, if my wife accidentally sets of the alarm in the morning, I can sleep through it)


I have the same issues following the recent September hub upgrade–no distinction between volume levels, with an almost inaudible sound from triggered sensors or alarms (I let the alarm engage in test mode). My firmware is v4.32.5.92, plugin v2.5.0.59.


Thanks so much for giving this critical issue your time. I noticed the volume decrease immediate as the firmware was updated and it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

The siren was an afterthought to my original post but now that I’ve since tested the siren, that too has lost its volume a great deal. The voice prompt gentleman Is practically whispering! firmware


I too am experiencing this same issue. It started occurring after the latest Firmware update. Battery backup is now working as intended, but even on high, the speaker volume for both the siren and entering chimes is incredibly low. I’m sure the team is on it!


I would agree the Siren is loud for people inside the place of residence or occupation but, I’d suggest you walk to your neighbors house and listen if they can hear it from inside their home or even outside their place at that.

Although somewhat loud when inside; before the last firmware update of course; After I arm the alarm and close my front door and start walking only feet away when leaving; the sound is diminished drastically.

This leads me to believe that if I’m being robbed or kidnapped or murdered, it’s most likely not going to be the siren alone that will save me or scare away the would be criminals or even alert nearby neighbors to my troubles.

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Has anyone heard from Wyze regarding this issue? The current max volume setting is unacceptable. I cannot hear the alarm going off at all once I leave the house (in test mode). The door chimes are now inaudible. What a shame…

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I created a support ticket to see if I can find out a fix or if it’s a wider issue they are aware of. Then they asked to submit a log.

Thank you for submitting a log! Our engineering team reviews each log to test and improve our products and the Wyze app. They’ve received your log, and are working to see your issue resolved in a future update. Please be on the lookout for any new firmware available for your devices.

“My team here in support does not review your log or follow its progress. We’re working on developing a process so that we can track these logs on our end, but it’s still very much in progress. We hope to have the ability to receive more details from your log submissions soon.

As always thank you for being a Wyze customer!”

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I created a support ticket and log as well. Spoke with customer service. They had me unplug my hub for 5 minutes. No change. We shall see what happens. I had REALLY high hopes for Home Monitoring. Kind of need the whole “alarm” feature to make this work.

Maybe a delete reset and reinstall? But that’s a lot to potentially reset. Not sure what hitting the pairing reset button will do.

Maybe an unplug and let the battery run out, then plug back in?

Anyone with a lot of free time interested in trying those out?

I did this with the regret of having to reset everything. Didn’t do a damn thing, don’t bother.


A guy on Facebook responded to someone asking about this that Wyze told them they are aware of this and would be fixing it in an upcoming release, and then WyzeGwendolyn replied to that comment and thanked them for answering the person’s question, so we at least have confirmation that Gwendolyn is aware of this and let the guy’s statement stand. Therefore I think it’s pretty safe to believe it will be corrected soon.


This inaudible issue needs to be fixed immediately. I hope the Wyze time is working overtime for this. I mean how hard can it be to revert the volume back to what it was before it was nerfed with the latest update.

It is now a liability issue with the lack of audible volume in the siren and completely inaudible with the door chime.

I feel like my monitoring system is almost useless at this point. I’m not speaking hyperbole here.

Please fix this now