Fix-It Friday - 2/18/22

In my opinion, Both. An issue (or “Problem”, as there is no workaround), to the user, where the functionality does not work as designed and a bug in the code.

Or not, if your desired temp below/above is the default “68” :smiley:


Video Doorbell Pro Settings Bug?

Video Doorbell Pro doesn’t allow recording ALL motion but only detecting and notifying selected AI Detections like every other camera. This is why I assume it is a bug…because every other camera allows you record all motion but only choose certain detections. VDBPro is the inconsistent one that doesn’t support this, so I’m assuming it’s an oversight.

If you want to exclude a certain type of detection like vehicles, then you can’t toggle on to record all motion:

If you want to record all Motion, you MUST detect ALL AI Detections:

Every other Cam Lets you record all motion, but only choose a few detections that you care about. Thus it seems to be a bug for the VDBPro GUI settings.


App Badges

Wyze App Product Badges are not all being activated correctly, some not at all, and some not having the backer border when they should.

Some understandably never show up because the product is never “activated” in the app (ie: Cordless vacuum, handheld vacuum) so that is understandable, but some don’t show up even for products that are activated in the app.

Here’s a good old reference to give you an idea of some of the things that appear to not be working correctly with the badges (the rest of the thread lists some others too):

I know this isn’t a critical issue, but some of us do enjoy the gamification aspects of it nonetheless. :slight_smile: And some of us may or may not have semi-friendly competitive contests against each other and want to keep winning…


The problem still exists, never fixed. Medium volume, MAYBE… definitely not the loud volume that i enjoyed for months before the bug. I can only hear the hub siren if i am in the same room.


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I’m so taken aback by your thoughtfulness of posting this I won’t remind you that I am in the lead

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I second this! Low volume on the hub to this day has yet to be fixed.


The weather on the Watch 47mm does not update unless you go into the app first.


App event conversion to .mp4 causing audio on all saved/shared/downloaded videos to go out of sync/delayed

Something I’ve been noticing lately related to cam videos:

If I watch an Event in the Wyze App (whether it is saved to the cloud or on the SD card), the Audio is fairly well synced.

If I download the same event to my phone (whether from the cloud, or recorded from the SD card), or share it (ie: to Google Photos), whatever conversion process the Wyze app uses causes the audio to be out of sync and delayed by a second or more. Indicating there is some kind of bug in the app causing the audio to go out of sync from the original recording (which plays correctly inside the app).

For example, in several videos where I tell my toddler through the baby cam to go to sleep, in the app you hear me talk, then her lay down and go to sleep, but if I save the video, it often looks like she starts laying down to go to sleep before I have even started talking (which is not what happened).

I have noticed this on V2’s, V3’s and the VDB Pro…all are perfectly in-sync when viewed on the Wyze app, but the audio is delayed if any videos are actually saved). This indicates the bug is likely caused by the app during conversion to MP4.


I have noticed that the VDB v1 does not Provide images when being notified on iOS. On Android you do get the images. I had @R.Good verify this as well.

iOS Notification (VDB v1)
iOS no Image

Android Notification (VDB v1)
Android Images provided_1 Android Images provided_2


same, tried new hub, reinstall everything and every other possible fix. I can still can sleep through the alarm if im in the next room and the fan is on. The system armed is louder from the keypad than the hub itself.


The audio / video sync issue on downloaded file has been that way for years. My July 4th fireworks show video from 2018 shows this very well. By the end of the file, the sound from the last salutes comes several seconds before the video - and it should have been a second later.

Thank you @carverofchoice for posting the hub volume anomaly saga on the Fixit Friday Lazy Suzan (ie ‘rotating platforms’) and also posting back on the original topic for us all to click thru to this new unresolved issues popularity contest. I have added my hearts wherever I could… Although I think a :frowning: more reflects my sentiment at the lack of progress to fix the problem. I would like for my siren to wake my neighbors. It won’t even wake me! Let’s go big or go home here.

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Short version: Why am I unable to view a recorded playback directly from an event notification?

Detailed version: I get a notification of an event on my phone. I click on it to view and the app launches. I click on the event and see my 12 second clip. Then sometimes I want to see more and click “Playback” at the bottom but, I get a pop up that I don’t have a memory card installed. So I back out of events and go to the home page, click on the camera and then view the playback, in full through the history from the SD card. Why do I have to go through all of that when I already have a memory card installed AND it’s working as I can view the playback if I manually search for it?


Do you have a log to share? You may be in a unique position to show the cause of this issue. I haven’t personally noted it, so I can’t create one. Attempt the process, and when it fails submit the log, and share the number here. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Share the log? Talk to me like I’m 3 years old. This is like my 3rd post in these forums and I know nothing about anything.

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No problem, and apologies –

Try to access your SD card from Playback under both the live view and the Events tab. My thinking is the first will work, and the second will fail. Then go to the camera’s settings and go down to “Wyze Support”. From there select “Submit a Log”, summarize the issue, and submit. It will give you a log number. Post that log number here.

This will give them a chance to fix your issue even if it isn’t one of the top selections this week. :slight_smile:


Web View is not currently working with Cam Plus Pro

This may not be a bug, and Webview is also only in Beta Testing, so perhaps this is technically more relevant to the beta threads than here. Also, I know Beta Testing was only supposed to be for “Cam Plus” specifically. It just seems logical that Cam Plus Pro would include all the perks of Cam Plus, and I’m trying to help add things I have seen mentioned in threads around the forum recently so there is good representation for the community. :slight_smile:

I know Wyze is aware of and looking into this already (as discussed a little in this thread where it was initially brought up), but I thought I would include it while we’re talking about potential bugs people have expressed an interest in.


@WyzeGwendolyn - Hi Gwen, Rick here from northern CO. I’m one of your very first customers, setting up three v1 cameras back on Jan 11, 2018. Since then, I’ve purchased a variety of Wyze products and recommended them to dozens of friends and family members. The initial request for app-wide Landscape mode for tablets (iPad in my case) came from me. This was probably before the forum Wishlist even existed. The verbiage in the wishlist item stating that the lack of Landscape mode causes difficulty for people with disabilities was a direct result of my initial request. This is because I DO have a physical disability that (still) makes it very difficult for me to continually rotate my iPad 90° (from Landscape to Portrait) every single time I use the app. Those with attached keyboards have their own reason(s) for wanting it, but I need Landscape because I simply cannot rotate my tablet as easily as others can. Given that my initial request was made FOUR years ago, would you please bring this up at your earliest opportunity to those within the Wyze management group who can make this happen? Feel free to use my personal situation (and this post) to illustrate the importance of this feature. After doing so, would you then kindly report back and let your customers who use tablets (and future customers) know what to expect and when? As I’ve stated previously, if the answer is that app-wide Landscape mode (for tablets) will NEVER be implemented, then please just tell us that. Thanks. :wink:


Is the Wyze Sense Hub accessible/available as a chime and speaker for all Wyze devices? as well as being a ‘security’ siren?

Android specific bug?
Media volume only works properly for Pan V1, doorbell, doorbell pro and WCO v1. Call volume shows up for v2, v3, and Pan v2. There’s a smaller range with call volume, You can’t adjust it down to zero and cant turn it on as loud as media volume. It should be fixed via an app update because the old Android app 2.15.21 used media volume.
Android 2.28.0 (102)