Hub is offline. Please Reconnect

I am getting hub is offline message when I go to hub setting. I cannot set the volume, turn off status etc.
The home monitoring was suppose to turn off every morning but it didnt. I just updated my wyze app.
It is installed on my smasung s22 phone.
I have restarted my hub and phone but the problem persist.

Did you just update the Firmware? What version are you on? Updates are problematic for the hub.

Some, like me, have found resolution in a soft reset.

Unplug the hub and hold the reset until the lights flash… 3 to 5 seconds. Don’t hold longer or you will get a factory reset at 10 sec.

Once that starts resetting plug it back in and wait for a 3 light set. Could take a while. Don’t use the app during this time. Best to completely log out of it.

After it resets, log back into the app and check status and report back.

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I have done all that and still having the issue.
I can arm/disarm from the phone.
Every other thing works except for the setting.

Did you do a firmware update immediately prior to this happening? What version is on the hub?

This is a recurring problem with the hub and FW updates

See this post and follow the links in it to the other topics discussing this issue. Not much resolution for some.

I did not do a firmware update prior to the issue.
I did update the firmware to the latest today thinking that it will resolve the issue but it didn’t.

Probably time to submit hub logs, submit a support ticket with details and noting the log #, go to the current hub FW update thread Wyze Cam v3, Wyze Plug Outdoor, Wyze Sense Hub, and Wyze Cam Outdoor Base Station Updates - 4/25/22 and @ tag the Wyze Team with the same details, ticket # and log #.

Will do.

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Any luck im having the same issue

Also having the same issue after firmware update.

Super annoying plus Alexa routines not working with echo show to display video upon motion detection. I feel like I’m beta testing this system.

The Wyze skill unlinked in Alexa. I can’t enable and link the Wyze skill in Alexa. Anyone else having issues?

Yes I believe other people are as well.

Current service outage. Stay tuned…

Here is the service update thread to follow for updates:

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Services have been restored but I am still getting the “hub offline” error… :man_shrugging:

Ouch! That is probably because of the FW update. These have been scary in the past. Much has been discussed in the forum on the Hub updates.

I would log out of the app then back in to make sure it’s not a fluke with pulling data from the server. If that doesn’t work, I would do a soft reset.

When my last update crashed my hub, I had to do a soft reset to get it back (unplug, hold reset till lights change, let go, plug back in). Then after it came back (after a LONG wait), I logged out of the app then back in to see it back. I still had sensor add issues. Took a couple resets before I could get all my sensors and tones back online. Now I don’t touch it or update it.

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I did all that but it did not reslove my issue.

I just now performed BOTH a soft AND a hard reset–neither worked!! When I go to Hub Settings, the requestor box STILL flashes on, “Hub is Offline. Please Reconnect” Note that there is no period after the word Reconnect. Hub Firmware

Curious also is that when I name the Hub “Wyze Sense Hub” the keypad also retains that name. Keypad Firmware

Still seeking a fix!!! Home Monitoring system still works, though, thank goodness!!


So everything works except you can’t change the volume or the status lights on the hub?

Fixed yet? I’m having the same issue. They wanted to send me a new hub.