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I just setup Home Monitoring last night and ran an alarm test this morning. I found the volume of the Siren to be very quiet. I have the volume on the Hub set to High and I think the Arming/Warning chime is significantly louder than the actual alarm. Since it’s just using a speaker instead of a Piezo, I’m not expecting ear piercing volume, but it should at least be louder than the warning chime. Any way to adjust?

As a feature request, I’d love to see an add-on “super loud” siren.


In for the same. I bought the system to be a deterrent more so than for an actual emergency (where I WILL call 911). We live in a great area but recently we had our neighbor experience a theft, it wasn’t a break-in, per se. Someone got into their garage.

Anyhow, I wanted to make it so that when I set this thing and it triggers, you can hear it at least outside and as it is, that’s a big no. I had Simplisafe for a while and one thing they have that is quite useful is a 120db wireless siren addon device and that was quite possibly the loudest thing I have ever heard…it was, quite sufficient.

Would like something similar for this.


I too believe additional sirens are necessary for this to be a deterrent.

My hub is on the second floor and is very weak to even hear at the back door


The ability to trigger sirens on v3 cams is a no brainer. They aren’t louder but at least they’d draw attention from the outside cams and deliver additional stress to anyone inside via the interior cams.

Also, I think the keypads should deliver the countdown chime. We are kind of being put in the position of choosing a single location for two functions. I want to be able to hear the countdown from the entry points but I want intruders to hear the siren from within the house.

And jeez…come up with a less annoying countdown, along with a secondary “doubletime” component that signifies the last 10 or so seconds.


I Definitely agree! The count down tone is SIGNIFICANTLY louder than the actual siren. It would be amazing to have an update to enable the siren to be much louder. The addition of 110db sirens would be great as well as I seem they are necessary because it would help with the loudness of the sirens. I also agree with the last post stating the alarm sirens would be integrated with the wyzecam V3s. I’d be able to give the home monitoring system 5 stars, right now I’d give it 4 and maybe a 3 as the system didn’t wake up my Girlfriend’s mom (who we bought and set up the system for). #wishlist


This is really upsetting to me that they’d skimp out on possibly the most important part of the system. Definitely complaining about this. In the meantime, a guy made a “Wyze Siren” outta a 12V warning siren, power supply, and Wyze plug. Just look it up on YouTube “Wyze Siren is here…sort of”


From what I see that isn’t going to work with the Home Monitoring component quite as elegantly since it’s rule based to the sensor vs. to the base station…meaning it should still sound even if the system is disarmed, right?

We have the same problem. The router isn’t close to where we need to hear the siren and will cause problems when people enter the house. We are looking at a wireless router extender so we can plug the base station in that to see if it works.

At least with the door bell you can purchase additional chimes, which we’ve done because I know I wouldn’t hear it upstairs.

How are issues raised with Wyze for them to look into as opposed to just putting topics out there on this blogging board? Hope they actually read these but appears that they don’t as no one from the company has responded to this issue. Hmmm

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The hub can connect to the router via wifi. You need to go through the add device process to add the hub, but during that process you can switch to wifi rather than ethernet.

I just purchased the whole system as well as 18 sensors. The main purpose for this is to monitor doors and windows in the basement and the front side of the house. Now that everything is setup, we cant hear the siren/chirp from its current location. Add -on sirens would a perfect solution to the issue.

Wyze, please provide siren add-ons for the hub!!


Are you using wifi or ethernet? With wifi, you might be able to move it to a better location.

I believe that wyze can easily resolve the low siren volume problem by making the hub trigger or turn on a wyze outlet plug when the siren is triggered, (using rules). This way we are able to connect to the plug a 120v siren or a 12v power supply for 12v sirens.
Burglars hate noise, especially when neighbors can hear a 115 - 130 decibel siren blasting away.


Gotta agree. My second day with the system I got the cops called on me because I went to grab the mail, forgot about the alarm, and couldn’t hear the siren – and while it was behind a closed door, the siren is in a room that is only 10-15 feet from the front door…

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I would like to have the ability to have satellite speakers for door chimes and alarms. One of the reasons we have the chime enabled is to hear when kids are coming and going but having only the single hub emit the chime noise we cannot hear it in the bedroom…

Another reason I want this is that I want alarm and door-chime notification when I am working in my shop > 100’ from my home.

There are a few ways this could be handled, all which could net more sales for Wyze:

  1. Allow doorbell chime-expansion units to add to the sense-hub
  2. Allow a satellite sense hub.
  3. A programmable on-off sequence for any/multiple Wyze power switches… (I also like the idea of an ear-blistering siren when the alarm goes off [see above]) So separate door-chime and siren controls would be Ideal!

Great idea! Fully support and would utilize. Also agree on siren being different that chirp alert.

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Siren not loud enough, I have small house and can’t hear from the bedroom when the alarm is sounding. An alarm that goes off on your phone would also help. Text is good that noonlight contacts you, but a triggered alarm first would wake you up.


Major bump for this thread!! Quietest ‘alarm’ ever. Please at least enable a rule from a Hub alarm so that we can trigger alarms. Thanks so @zjed for the original post and @milhead for good comments, as well.

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+1 for painfully loud klaxon feature!


I would recommend for Wyze team to enable on the home monitoring hub, a way that customers can add also Wyze plug as part of the devices that the hub can turn on or off when alarm is triggered and turning off when disarmed after being trigered. Right now you only can us wyze hub with sensors, but i would like to see for wyze plug to be able for a sample turn on my wired siren and strobe when alarm is triggered in the monitoring hub and for example that lights in th house starts flashing with any fixture that is using the wyze plug as well. Maybe wyze Bulb could also be implemented for the flashing mode when alarm is triggered. it should be a very simple thing to add by wyze team and will make people buy more of the plugs and bulbs from wyze. thanks

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There are a bunch of good ideas here…It saddens me to realize that evidently Wyze could care less about this issue. After over 4 months (to date) the Wyze Wizard Team cannot ever be bothered to contribute/acknowledge any of the many comments on any of the many blogs on this site. I am at a total loss as to how to get Wyze tech support’s attention. I am fed up dealing with their “Global tech support” competing with chickens crowing and agents that don’t have a clue but agree with everything that you say. Sure they are “very sorry” but that doesn’t resolve this issue. It has become maddening to have to repeatedly explain the same issue and then perform the same steps over and over and OVER but the issue is NEVER resolved or even improved. Then, when you finally get to a US representative…As soon as they realize the issue you need resolved the call mysteriously DROPS!
My system has almost 30 different sensors - Since they were not all purchased directly from WYZE they will not refund my total investment. Additionally, because I believed the fantasy (that a fix would be available in just a few weeks) the return window has closed. I have been a Wyze customer since almost their beginning. I believed in the Company. I feel SOOOO STUPID!

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