Wyze Hub Volume Decrease After Latest Update

Wyze, please fix your latest update for home monitor hub volume. After your update my hub volume got decreased by 50%. I thought something was wrong and have to deleted and reinstalled again but still have the same problem. I set the volume to High by the way.

Did you look at this post:

I am a new user of the home monitoring system. And found set up to be quick and easy. My only problem is the volume of the hub chimes. I am a 74 year old disabled Vet and have sleep issues ( I suffer from Insomnia, and take sleeping meds). I really need a loud siren to wake me. An add-on high volume siren would resolve that. I have a couple of very loud, 12 volt sirens, that I would like to add to the system. Any suggestions?? I’m still learning the system.