Sensor hub volume has decreased considerably after latest update

Hi, folks!

We’re sorry for the trouble and are currently testing a fix for the hub volume decrease issue. We’ll be sending it out when it’s stable and has run through testing. I’m not going to promise a release date since we’re in the middle of testing, but we are aware of this one and working on it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you!!

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I too have issues with this new low volume issue. When I pull into my garage I used to be able to notice if the delay beeps were activated. With people coming and going I am not able to hear if the alarm has been set from the garage anymore, very frustrating!!
Also I can’t figure out why Wyze put out the V3 with the “mini alarm” that can not be activated through the HMS with rules.

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Thanks Gwen. It certainly is reassuring when Wyze acknowledges the issue and reassures progress in these forums. Will keep looking for the firmware fix.

On a related topic, when I try to change the sound level on the hub it doesn’t stick. Keeps going back to mid-level when I exit the setup page. Using iOS v2.25.16 and firmware on the hub.

Out of curiosity since the hub volume for some is low, if you pair a new sensor can you guys hear the audible noise “pairing is ready” when you are doing the setup? I seem to have lost all sound from my hub and was wondering if anyone else is dealing with a similar situation.

I used to always hear the pairing announcement from my hub any time I set up sensors from my hinge office.

I just set up roughly 5 sensors I within the last week, and did not ever hear the pairing announcement from my office this time. I assumed it was just because of the reduced volume issues. I can’t verify whether it never announced it at all it whether it was just lower volume, but I can verify I used always hear the pairing announcement (for almost 2 dozen other sensors) but I recently haven’t been able to hear it anymore from my office like I used to.

It has been about 12 days since a Wyze team member hoped on here to acknowledge our problem. here we are beginning of a new week with the glaring problem still evident.

Did a alarm test yesterday in test mode just to verify things, and you would think the lack siren volume alarm would be enough to warrant more attention on this problem. I had guests over this weekend, we started talking Wyze. I showed them the volume problem, The lack of volume on my siren was comical. I told them I wouldn’t recommend Wyze any longer as a company.

It should not take this long for engineers/developers to plug in a higher value of code to increase the volume of the speaker to revert back to the way it was. How it was originally sold to us.

I have lost so much love and admiration for this company.

I see product announcements taking place at Wyze. Yet, in house problems like this self induced one, take this long to fix. let alone this being a critical issue. And this is the company who We have backing our family’s safety with our Home monitoring system ? Embarrassing. Begs the question, what am I still doing being backed by this company.

Saying I’m disappointed in Wyze would be understating things on my end…

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Good Afternoon,

I had this same issue but it has been fixed on my end. There was a firmware update about a week ago and the volume is back to normal.

For many of us it seems that our volume still hasn’t been fixed

Yeah I have the update and the volume is still low

I hope you guys are able to get yours fixed soon. I have had good experiences with wyze so far and hope they are able to recover. The update that I have currently is v4.32.6.142. Hopefully that helps.

I have that same beta firmware and it’s still lower volume when on high. I am guessing they are still working on it.

Another Monday and here we still are ……

Has everyone just accepted that a problem like this will take perhaps months to fix. A self induced bug now taking this long…? This shouldn’t be the norm

So I had to contact Wyze support. They sent me a replacement and the replacement is working. I think the issue stemmed from an earlier update that broke the hub and they haven’t been able to get it back. My new one jumped from the earliest version to the newest version and is still working.


I am getting a replacement now. Wyze confirmed with me today. Fingers crossed that this fixes it, though others on this thread have gotten a replacement and problem was still present.

Will report here soon as I find out if problem was resolved

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I was waiting for the next non-beta software update, before looking at hardware replacement. I’m still on the beta

Also was hoping for multiple hubs or options for the keypads to have the countdown. For people with detached garages or large houses to know when they triggered the alarm countdown.

On beta now and Wyze suggested to me that I get a replacement

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We were waiting just like you but honestly we are tired of waiting on this. We will hold our breath that a new hardware device will somehow fix this issue :confused:

So it’s been some time since the last firmware update and the improvement is minimal. While the volume may have increased a bit, it is still nowhere near what it was when originally shipped. I still have trouble hearing it from the back bedroom. When I first got it, it was loud enough to wake me, which is what I need.

Hey Wyze, how about a progress report here. This is kind of important because it is the siren for our security system.