Additional Sirens for Home Monitoring


I am new to Wyze Home Monitoring and just set everything up. My only complaint is that the siren is not very loud. Is it possible to add additional sirens? I don’t see any options through official Wyze products, so I tried looking into IFTT (so I could trigger something on other speakers/chimes in the house). I can see how the various sensors can trigger an event, but I want the alarm to be triggered by the Wyze hub (eg when a sensor is tripped while in Away mode).

Are their any known methods to trigger an IFTTT event only when the alarm is triggered (or known devices that can act as an additional siren for the hub)?

Thank you.


I have the exact same question.

Also how do we bring a mod into the conversation so we might get an answer from Wyze?

I actually got ahold of support this weekend and they confirmed that at this time( there is not the ability for an alarm to trigger a rule/IFTTT event. It is something being looked into, but no ETC at this time. I also found other forum posts about being able to add sirens and it looks like that is on the roadmap as well.

Thanks for the info.

Not an expert but it seems to me this should not be that difficult for Wyze to implement. The cameras and the sensors connect to Alexa and IFTTT. When I bought Home Monitoring I assumed the hub would too. Don’t think additional hardware is needed. Should be a question of upgrading firmware.

Can someone more knowledgeable confirm or deny?

The lack of additional siren add on availability is the sole reason I am not purchasing this system. Shame too, because I really want it.