Rule for Home Monitoring / Alarm Trigger

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Can we get home monitoring or hub as a trigger in rule creation? I would like to add a siren (loud) to my system via a rule to enable a Wyze plug to a siren. The issue is I do not want this to go off for just an opened sensor; rather I only want the rule to turn on the siren if the home monitoring alarm is active. Is there another way?

The home monitoring system is completely separate from the rest of the Wyze ecosystem right now. You cannot create any rules for it. So the only thing you can do is create a rule for a sensor for automation.

There are wishlist items opened for similar requests. Please take a look and vote on the capabilities you would like to see.

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The only clean way is if Wyze opens up the HMS to rules Actions\Triggers. See the #wishlist for that since it has already been requested.

There is a Rube Goldberg way though. It involves stacking Wyze Plugs and use of two shortcut rules. The bottom one is the plug that would ARM the siren when the shortcut is run to ARM (a second click when you also do HOME or AWAY). The top one is the plug that will turn on by rule if any sensor is opened. Second rule shortcut disarms.

I have this installed with both an indoor siren and an outdoor siren, both will wake the dead.

See @dasnider’s post for details on how they solved the problem:

Lastly, Wyze is working on this. Here is the last update received in the forum:

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